Wow! 2016 was an amazing year for my business and personal life. And am trusting God that 2017 we even be a better year for you and me. A great year doesn’t happen by chance or happenstance, a great year is envisioned and created through deliberate and intentional action and habits.

So, to help you crush your major and minor goals in 2017 i present to you fifteen simple ways that can help you give physical expression of your hearts desire.

  1. Know exactly and specifically what you want in all the significant areas of your life.
  2. Write down step one, in a journal, phone, or book and if you can’t write it down get a picture of it.
  3. Read your goals to yourself twice a day. Research has proven that by reading your goals consistently you’ll increase the probability of achieving it by 43%
  4. Build solid systems: I believe that systems change behavior. For example, instead of using your willpower to save money, why don’t you instruct your bank to transfer a specific amount of what you earn monthly into a mutual fund or any other form of investment. That is what i call a system.
  5. Have a strong and compelling reason to succeed in 2017. Your reason is what will drive you to stretch, act, and dream bigger.
  6. Be fit like an athlete. Your body and mind are connected, if you take care of your body your mind will blossom with great wealth creating ideas. Join a gym, buy some gym clothes and start exercising.
  7. Make your daily words consistent with your dreams, this is because where you are and where you’ll want to be in future it is your words that will create the pathway for your body to get there.
  8. Read like your life depends on it: Imagine reading a book a month in 2017, that will translate into twelve books. You will be among the highest earners and leaders in your work and industry if you read voraciously and deliberately.
  9. Drink a lot of water
  10. Eat loads of vegetables
  11. Pray always
  12. Visualize or mentally rehearse how you’ll like your life to turn out.
  13. Associate with people who are playing life at a higher level than you.
  14. Give cash and things to people in need and also give out the things you truly desire and watch them come back to you in bigger ways.
  15. Nurture your relationships, because your network can positively affect your networth.