Speaking is a dream of many people. There’s nothing quite like the incredible rush you feel when you get onstage in front of a group of people who are eagerly awaiting your every word is appealing. The impact and income are also great motivators.

Public speaking is something that is either incredibly terrifying or incredibly fascinating to most people, but once most people get a taste of it, they can’t wait to do it again.

For nearly a decade now, I’ve made my living as a professional speaker and trainer. I’ve given literally hundreds of presentations for thousands and thousands of people.

How do I actually get to learn how to speak?

Well I’m glad you asked, I introduce to you  15 Simple Ways to Speak Well In Public Seminar.

The overall goal of this professional seminar will be to empower the participants to gain “effectiveness” and “confidence” in their ability to deal with their respective audiences at various seminars, speeches and conferences.

As a target oriented coach, a virtuoso at personal effectiveness and a NLP certified professional, I will access and begin work relative to what is needed or missing in your skills or approach. Conquering basic anxieties about speaking like I have done for several of my previous clients by helping you understand key dynamics when speaking in front of groups.

These are some of the topics that will be dealt with in distinction and will be covered in depth:

Stage Fright & Relaxation Techniques

Communication Components

Public Presence

Audience Relationship and Participation

Effective Stage Management

Establishing Credibility

Style & Delivery

Image, Poise, Appearance and lots more.

This is what some of our satisfied previous clients said:

“Learning from you was a thrill… you super motivated me, I knew I had to stay and hear you again for the second session”

Oyewummi Ayodeji, Talent Base

“Paul Foh, your passion is contagious”

DR E.A. Bako, GGM NNPC Medical

To register Pay N40,000 now into GT Bank -0039025963, Katalyst Consulting.

Seminar Date : September 23, 2017.