big-yellow-question-mark1‘MEME’ I love that word.
The word was coined by Richard Dawkins in his 1976 book ‘THE SELFISH GENE’ It basically means the way through which ideas, beliefs and behaviour spread within human society by nongenetic means.

In fact the etymology of the word ‘MEME’ is from the Greek ‘MIMENA’ Which means that which is imitated.
Our choices, behaviour and beliefs about what’s possible or not possible are not as rational as we think they are.

We imitate or ‘MIMENA’ What we see a great deal, have you noticed that if a person who grows up seeing and hearing poverty does not intensely breakout of the ‘MEMETICS’ of his environment they’ll most likely produce poverty in their own lives.

That’s why if you trace the ‘MEMETIC’ Line of men who beat their wives or molest children you’ll find the root in their airspace of early development.

My submission, HANGOUT with people who are already living the kind of life you’ll want to live, people with empires in their souls and by the law of ‘MEMETICS’ You’ll produce thesame result after some time if you’re patient.

Remember what Apostle Paul said ‘BE YE IMITATORS OF GOD’ And produce God-level results.

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