They say that your network determine your net worth. Think about it, everything good thing that has ever come into your life came THROUGH a human being. Logically then, EVERYTHING THAT YOU DREAM OF WILL COME THROUGH A HUMAN BEING.
Nourish your relationships for in them are the keys to your increase.
The best way to maintain your relationship is to focus on what you can give in the relationship and not what you can get.
Your relationships can take you to places that your educational qualification cannot take you.


Funny how technology is changing the world and the dynamics of economics.
They told us that we need: LAND, LABOUR, AND CAPITAL to create wealth, well technology is disrupting all of that.

1. WHO IS THE HIGHEST EMPLOYER OF DRIVERS IN THE WORLD TODAY? Answer UBER. Meanwhile they don’t own any of the cars and all their drivers are independent.
The market capitalization of UBER is 40 BILLION US DOLLARS.

2. WHO IS THE BIGGEST LODGING COMPANY? Answer AIRBNB. It’s a website for people to rent out lodging in their houses. The market capitalization of AIRBNBis 20 billion dollars. And guess what, they don’t own any of the houses, in fact their office in America is rented.

3. WHO IS THE BIGGEST VENTURE CAPITALIST TODAY? Answer KICKSTARTER. It’s a global crowd funding platform with a mission to help bring creative projects to life.

My submission is that with knowledge, the grace of God and a sound business model you don’t need to own: Land, labour, and even capital in a lot of cases to create wealth.
Linda ikeji has proved with her super successful blog.




Humans are capable of doing the extraordinary. We can all be great at whatever we do. It doesn’t matter the nature of your job or calling.

You can be a janitor in a company, but be the best janitor there is, squeeze so much janitorial skills and passion from your being that when any one sees  a room that you clean they’ll be awe-inspired by your greatness.

Be so good that they can’t ignore you, set your standards super high and surpass them for that is what you are built for, to push beyond what society or your family say is possible AND SHATTER the limiting beliefs of your soul and the people around you.

When you live a life of high standards, the share force of your being like a flood will cause, inspire, and stoke other people to raise their own standards and do amazing things in this world.

Remember all humans have a mimicking neuron in their brains that causes them to replicate or copy their environment, so my raising the bar high consistently you lift the soul of humanity around you to do likewise.


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Humans are not static. We’re constantly moving up or down.  Have you noticed that the older people get: the less energy they have, the less sex they have, etc.
People slip without knowing that’s essentially what am trying to say.  Am sure you’ve heard the story of the frog that was put in room temperature water in a kettle and placed on a cooker.
They increased the temperature gradually until the frog died, for the frog was not cognizant of the gradual ‘slip’ OR INCREASE.
This is how we are as humans are, we gradually slip into: over weight, debt, bad health, bad relationships, etc. To solve the problem of ‘SLIPPING’ I use a system in my life called SET POINTS.
A set point is a bare minimum point established or created by your self that you will not go below.
For example my health ‘SET POINT’ Is 30 sit ups every day, I do thirty sit ups daily no matter what, so if I miss a day immediately embark on a set point correct action.
You can set a financial set point that ensures that you must have XYZ amount of money in your account no matter what.
Set points make life more predictable and make you establish self-discipline a vital ingredient to success.
So go ahead and establish set points for your


Your mornings set the tone for the rest of your day. If you start your mornings intentionally, you’ll be more productive and effective for the rest of the day. So here are some things that i do i can have a kick-ass day.

  1. Wake up before 6am
  2. Pray
  3.  Meditation: I use a fantastic app called HEADSPACE for my meditation, it’s really cool it calms you down.
  4. Visualization: Visualization is basically a mental rehearsal of the kind of life you want to live and what you visualize with intensity tend to manifest in life.
  5.  Coffee: I like coffee, so i make myself a cup of coffee from my coffee machine, preferably a latte.
  6. Gratitude journal or session: At this point you can write down the things that you’re grateful to God for. This moves your attention upon things that are already working in your life and shows you how faithful God has been to you. It always clears your energy channel and cause you to start attracting more things to be grateful for.
  7.  Study: I read two chapters of the bible at least
  8. Words: I speak words of success, health, and life into my wife and children while they are asleep. At this point i also read my goals to myself.
  9. Exercise: I do some form of workout to ramp up my energy level and release endorphins the chemical that make humans feel good.
  10. Pray with my family and drop my children off in school (If i don’t have an early morning training and if am not out of Lagos speaking and training)

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chess-691437_12801.    To double your income, triple your learning appetite

2.  Make your family a priority.

3. Exercise daily, it releases endorphins the feel good chemical into your blood stream.

4.  Meeting expectations is a commodity now- EXCEED EXPECTATIONS.

5.   Surround yourself with beautiful things: art work, furniture, magazine, clothes etc and their essence will begin to affect your work and results.

6.   Dreaming is as cheap as table salt; execution is what separates the dreamers from the doers.

7. Protect your mind from negative thoughts, for your results will mirror the size of your thoughts.

8.   Develop quality relationships. Quality relationships equals quality living.

9.  Prayer is telling God that you have no power of your own. Pray consistently, pray always.

10. Give your life to Christ, become a Jesus follower.

11.  Give to the poor and needy around you.

12. Always dress the part, people and opportunities will address you based on how you are dressed.

13. Words have creative powers. Spend time daily affirming your future and you will have whatever you say.

14.  Have daily appreciation sessions with God. Thank Him for His faithfulness in your life.

15. Give 10% of your income and watch success come after you.

16.Call your parents and show them love.

17.Read, read, read. Readers accelerate their progress.

18.Use technology to push your ideas, products, services, and point of view.

19. Spend time alone.

20 Write down your goals and review them daily.