The other day my wife and me were driving to drop off our sons in school  two weeks ago, and i kept my briefcase in the trunk of my SUV with my phone inside so that my sons won’t play or download any games from the internet.

And a few blocks to my children’s school my phone rang, but of cause i couldn’t answer it. When i dropped off my sons and we did our normal high fives and ‘Have a great day’ routine i returned the call.

On the other end of the phone was a lady excited and saying ” Wow are you Paul Foh?” I said ”Yes ma’am” Then she continued ”I just finished watching your youtube videos you are amazing, i’ve got a contract to do training for an oil company can you facilitate for me?”

I went like WOW! This internet thing works. Mark Zukerberg, the Billionaire founder of facebook prophesied  at the F8 conference that by 2020 eighty percent of content will be consumed by video.

Mark said further: ”“Most of the content 10 years ago was text, and then photos, and now it’s quickly becoming videos,” Zuckerberg said at the 2016 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. “I just think that we’re going to be in a world a few years from now where the vast majority of the content that people consume online will be video.

So they flew me into Benin City, paid me my fee, and i spoke with passion at the event without writing a proposal! Glory be to Jesus Christ my Lord and savior.

As a business person, thought leader, coach, and author you cannot ignore video, develop a video strategy for your content and make things happen.


Why do some people fail. Why do some people dream big dreams and make them real, while others just go through life without accomplishing anything significant?

I have always been fascinated by Aigboje Aig-Imoukhuede the former CEO of ACCESS BANK, i google him to read stories and interviews about him regularly because his accomplishments are awe-inspiring.

I had to write this article because of the November issue of FORBES AFRICA ,a business magazine , that he made the front cover of. I read the article seriously over a cup of coffee and came out with the following success principles and quote from him i hope it serves and inspires you to do great things in your own neck of the woods.

  1. IT IS NOT WHAT HAPPENS TO YOU THAT MATTERS, IT IS YOUR INTERPRETATION OF IT THAT COUNTS: In 1971 as a secondary school student going home for the holidays, he was stranded at the Kaduna airport when he was was denied access into the plane. Stuck in the tarmac he cried and vowed lets hear it from him ”It would never happen to me again and i will never be left in the tarmac again” That means that he will never come second in anything in his life and that formed his philosophy about life and enterprise. How do your interpret the negative events in your life and business?
  2. BE NUMBER ONE: He said that when he started working, he always asked himself ‘HOW WOULD A TOP MORGAN STANLEY OR BARCLAYS BANK STAFF DO THIS WORK” He always bench marked himself with the global. best of the best in his industry. Who are you referencing in your performance or output.
  3. SPEED: At age 32 he was an executive director in GT BANK and at age 34 he led a team to buy ACCESS BANK wow! You are not too young or too old to make your dreams come true.
  4. READING: It was his love for books that ignited his passion and idea to buy a bank. He read a book called buyout by Rick Rickertsen. What are you currently reading
  5. BIG DREAMS AND ASPIRATIONS: When they acquired Access Bank they were number 60 in the ranking of banks in Nigeria, well today they are among the top three or four banks in Nigeria , with a shareholders fund of N430 billion Naira ($1.4 billion)  employing millions of Africans. DREAM BIG, START SMALL, DO IT NOW, DO IT AFRAID.


In an experiment  done on a bus traveling from Lagos to Port Harcourt, a huge and visible sign was installed with the words, ”MOST PEOPLE IN THIS BUS ARE GOING TO A FUNERAL” And everybody that entered the bus that were sad and  generally quiet.

On a second bus a visible sign was also installed with the words MOST PEOPLE IN THIS BUS ARE GOING TO A BIRTHDAY PARTY. And the bus was lively, everybody was talking loud and happy.

Guess what, THERE WAS NO FUNERAL AND THERE WAS NO BIRTHDAY PARTY! It was just an experiment about how our environment affects our performance.

The experiment or test in a pointer to the fact that we as human beings have a tendency to mimic our environment due to the mimicking neuron in our brains. Think about it! How do children learn? They learn by copying the actions they see in their environment.

By simply saying or indicating that ‘THIS BUS IS IS GOING TO A FUNERAL’ Peoples behavior adjusted to the nature and ethos of their environment.

That means that if you want to be a high performance entrepreneur or person you’ve got to intentionally and deliberately install yourself into environments where the people are playing life and business at a higher level.

Michael Jordan is the greatest Basketballer on earth. Imagine practicing basketball daily with Michael Jordan! What will happen to your game? Your game will rise up to a higher level because you’ll definetly mimic his level of competence.

Imagine spending six months with an entrepreneur in your industry that makes $500,000,000 yearly? Will that change the way to run your life and business profoundly?

How high do you want to play in this game of life? Look for people who are already playing at your ‘dream’ level of life and model them by spending time with them physically or reading their books.


  1. Take them out to lunch or coffee (And pay for the meal) and ask them questions i promise you they’ll be glad to share some of their secrets of success.
  2. Observe them and how they live. What are their positive habits? how do they run their business? what is their morning ritual?

King Solomon said, ”Walk with the wise and become wise, but the companion of fools will be destroyed”





So i was chilling at home after dinner the other day and out came the post-press conference of the victory of Conor Mcgregor victory over Eddie Alvarez on CNN. Now, am not a fan of the UFC, but what Conor Mcgregor said during the press conference was so profound that i decided to share and explain to you. Here were his exact words,

“It feels great. It feels familiar,” he said. “I saw this so clearly and consistently in my mind, until it’s here in reality i’ve been saying this for a long time. I’m very confident in my abilities and what I predict I’m gonna do. I back it up with work ethic and I’m very satisfied, but not surprised.” Conor Mcgregor

Successful people always see or mentally rehearse their victory in their mind before it happens in reality, then they back it up with ‘insane’ work ethic.

The second thing i noticed about Conor and why he is so successful is that, the guy dresses very well, he dresses for success.

My submission to you is that, whatever you want to achieve you must




Christmas is just around the corner! In fact inside malls, merchants have started decorating their stores in preparation for the season of grace, sharing, and giving.

As a business person how can you increase your business before christmas? Here are a few tips i got from reading Jay Abraham’s book GETTING EVERYTHING YOU CAN OUT OF ALL YOU’VE GOT.

  1. INCREASE YOUR NUMBER OF CUSTOMERS OR CLIENTS: The question is HOW?  By : A. Asking your satisfied customers for referrals.    B. Create strategic alliances with businesses that are currently dealing with your target customers. Like a client of mine who sells dress shirts inside a grocery and meat shop. C. You can increase your number of customers by guest posting in blogs such as or
  2.  INCREASE THE TRANSACTION SIZE PER CUSTOMER OR CLIENT: If a customer spends N1,000 in your business per month in one year that will be N12,000. What if you add more value to your product or service to the degree that it inspires or motivates them to increase their transaction size per month from N1,000 to N2,000 which translates into N24,000 per year. So ask yourself and your team ”WHAT CAN WE DO TO INCREASE THE NUMBER OF MONEY OUR CUSTOMERS SPEND WITH US” This will help you stimulate other revenue streams in your business.
  3. INCREASE THE NUMBER OF TIMES YOUR CUSTOMERS BUY FROM YOU: Staying with the analogy of the customer that spends N1,000 per year. What if you can increase the number of times the customer visits and purchase from you. Can you use discounts to increase the number of times people buy from you? Can you use the launch of a new offer or product to increase the number of times that people buy from you? Ask yourself and your team WHAT CAN WE DO TO INCREASE THE NUMBER OF TIMES CUSTOMERS BUY FROM US PER YEAR AND PER MONTH?