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DATE: March 17, 2017


People who are exceptional in their craft are not normal people. I will define the word ‘EXCEPTIONAL’ in a minute. Your default state is not exceptional but average and mediocre. This is because of what is modeled around you all day in your environment.

Exceptional means unusual, uncommon, unexpected, great. The reason why a lot of people are card carrying members of the ‘AVERAGE PEOPLES’ party is because it requires no effort or unusual work. By committing to being exceptional you’ve signed up to doing things average people won’t do.

Michael Phelps is the most decorated olympian with 28 medals didn’t become exceptional by sitting down and wishing, he did it by practicing 7 days a week for 5 years before the Rio olympics, that is exceptional. He knows that, if you sweat in the dark you will shine when the lights come on you.

You don’t need natural skills to be exceptional you need: focus, grit, and a compelling reason to make things happen.

If you can’t naturally speak well in public you can learn it, if you can’t write you can learn it, if you can’t parent or lead you can also learn it. The illiterate of this world are those who can’t learn because knowledge is so ubiquitous these days.

Be willing to put in more work than the next person: make more sales calls, get to work earlier than your peers, out-read your peers, send out more proposals, and care more for people.

Wake up one hour or thirty minutes earlier than others so that before they wake, you will  have already put in one hour of work..

It is exceptional because most people will not put in the effort and extra that the forces of exceptional performance and delivery require for our to open the vault of fame and fortune.

commit to greatness in your craft and the world will make a beaten path to your door step.


Anthony Robbins said, ”THE QUALITY OF QUESTIONS YOU ASK YOURSELF WILL DETERMINE THE QUALITY OF LIFE YOU LIVE!” That is a powerful statement. This is because questions shift your mind focus from one point to another depending on the type of question.

There are empowering and disempowering questions. Empowering questions, equip people with the mental resources required to take action to solve their problems. Disempowering questions leave people stuck and victimized.

No matter how bad the situation is if you ask yourself a great question you will find a way out of your rut. Questions like ‘Why do bad things always happen to me?” Won’t help you eliminate bad things from your life. Here are some very good self coaching questions that you can ask yourself for better clarity and solutions

  1. WHAT SPECIFIC OUTCOME DO I WANT? Your outcome is the end result or goal, the clearer you are about it the more emotional and psychological juice you will release to make it happen. For example ”I want to make a lot of money” Is not a clear and specific outcome, ”I want to make 70 million Naira by December 31, 2017” Is a clear and specific outcome.
  2. WHY IS THIS SO IMPORTANT TO ME? We all do things because of a reason. The stronger the reason the more we’ll apply our selves to the task or vision. Always ask yourself the ”WHY” question because if you can tattoo the ‘WHY’ in your soul you will find the ”HOW”
  3. ON A SCALE OF 1-10, 10 BEING THE HIGHEST AND 1 BEING THE LOWEST HOW COMMITTED AM I TO THIS? If your commitment is less than 70% to the things that are important to you, then you’ll have to ask yourself what you’ll need to do to increase your commitment.
  4. WHAT AM I GRATEFUL FOR TODAY? Wow! this is one of my favorite questions. If shifts your mind to focus on the little and big things that made your day sweet. It could be a friend whose space you visited that inspired you to do things better, it could me the smile of gratitude from your child. This coaching question helps you focus on the things that are working in your life, and whatever the mind focuses on it gets more of.
  5. WHAT CAN I LEARN FROM THIS? This question drives you straight to the house of wisdom. If you just exited a bad relationship for example, asking yourself ”WHAT CAN I LEARN FROM THIS” Will help you take stock of the lessons learnt so that you can make the necessary adjustments for future relationships.


Your customers are have choices. Loads of choices i must add. To stay relevant and make them buy from you and refer their friends to you consistently, you must intentionally and creatively put your name on their consciousness.

Have you heard the saying that ”OUT OF SIGHT IS OUT OF MIND” It is really true. If you stay away from the mind of your customers for a long time, they’ll probably not remember you whenever they want to buy your kind of product or service, the truth is that if you’re not reminding them of your existence, somebody else is and they’ll eat your market and mind share.

To solve this problem here are a few strategies

  1. CALL AND TEXT: Call or text your customers at least every sixty days to see how their doing or to congratulate them on a: promotion, new baby, wedding, anniversary etc. That way your name and company stays fresh in their minds. This is important because whenever they are having discussions with their friends who have a need for your product or service your name will be top on their minds.
  2. WEEKLY EMAIL UPDATE: I send out email every week to my email list once a week. You can do it. With a weekly email routine you’ll be able to inform them about your new product offering, discounts, specials, and new projects.
  3. SEND THEM VIDEO OR WRITTEN TESTIMONIALS OF SATISFIED CUSTOMERS: A testimonial is a satisfied customer who chooses to talk about the difference using your product or service has made in their lives and business. That reinforces your customers trust and belief in you.
  4. USE SOCIAL MEDIA: For example use Facebook live to educate your customers on whats going on. When your customers regularly see your positive activities on social media you’ll always get the business.