Becoming extraordinary is a choice. We are all extraordinary people, but only a few of us push, force, and propel ourselves to the destination called extraordinary. Here are a few ways to stay extraordinary

  1. They have big and audacious dreams
  2. They take massive action in the direction of their dreams
  3. They take personal responsibility for their lives
  4. They don’t blame other people for the failure of any aspect of their lives
  5. They take reading books and personal development seriously
  6. The outwork their staff
  7. They don’t give up
  8. They reframe failure as lesson learnt, and not the end of the road
  9. They associate with winners
  10. They have clear and specific goals they they’re always chasing
  11. They prepare before opportunities show up
  12. The surround themselves with people that are smarter than them
  13. They are never to scared to ask for what they want
  14. They stay fit like an athlete
  15. They plan their week, month, and year on paper before it starts
  16. They believe in themselves unrepentantly
  17.  They are the #1 sales people of their projects
  18. They protect their reputation
  19. They have multiple streams of income
  20. They give and help other people
  21. They protect their focus and fight distraction


Conversation and communication is the life blood of business. To win in sales, prepare questions you’ll ask a customer before you meet them, not what you’re going to tell them.

For questions put you in charge of the conversation and questions uncover buyer needs, when needs are uncovered selling becomes easier.