With the millions of graduates leaving school and dashing to the job market and the constant change of industry and consumer behaviour due to technology, internet, and innovation it has become a matter of survival for you to standout from the crowd or be ignored.

In the years that lie ahead of  your career, most jobs will be replaced by a robot or AI (Artificial intelligence) Today there are driverless cars operating in some parts of the USA, in fact the CEO of Volvo Hakan Samuelsson said ”In 2019 Volvo will only manufacture electric cars, and by 2021 it will roll out self driving cars to consumers”

What does all that mean to your career? It means that you should arm yourself with the skills that will stand you out from the crowd and the skills that a machine cannot perform. One of which is making effective and emotional presentations.

Here’s what Billionaire Warren buffet had to say about public speaking ”You can improve your value by 50% just by learning communication- Public Speaking Skills”

Public speaking or presentation skills is a learnable skill. Like driving a car you can learn how to speak well in public and boost your career. To help you do that, buy a copy of my book ROCK THE STAGE: 15 SIMPLE WAYS TO SPEAK WELL IN PUBLIC

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I had the honor to be featured in @partsunknowncnn a CNN program by the great @anthonybourdain .The feature also included @feladurotoye the father of the speaking industry in Nigeria and my friend @iamsteveharris
From hawking recharge card on the streets to being featured on a CNN program. Thank you JESUS
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”Three million Nigerians enter the job market every year, and only 10% of them are absorbed into the job market.”

”The problem in Nigeria is not only unemployment, the bigger problem is that most Nigerian youths are unemployable”

As a part of my job i recruit for my clients to help them get qualified staff to fill their vacancies and i began to observe a pattern among Nigerian young graduates who come in for job interviews. Some of them come in unprepared and wonder why they didn’t get employed at the least or at the most the blame spiritual ‘village’ powers for their failure to clinch the job.

A job interview is what i call level one success. This is because for you to be invited for a job interview it means that they didn’t invite other people. That means that there is something about you that the company found interesting and the job interview is an opportunity for them to prob further.

So, here are my 6 tips for nailing a job interview:

  • LOOK PROFESSIONAL: People see you and make judgements about you the moment they see you, even before your mouth gets the opportunity to defend you. I have seen men come for job interviews (with other contenders) dressed up like losers. Some men go to job interviews without a tie, a jacket, and their confidence. Here’s what to wear                                    1. Wear a blue or white shirt with a tie (no bow ties please)                                                              2. Groom yourself. No long nails for men please! Get a clean hair cut and shave                          your beard properly.
  • ARTICULATE YOUR ACHIEVEMENTS: When you are asked in the job interview ”Tell us about yourself” That is not the time for you to talk about the things that are already in your resume. The ”Tell us a bit about yourself?” Means a small and clear description of your values, past achievements, and future goals that aligns with the companies goals.
  • RESEARCH THE COMPANY BEFORE THE INTERVIEW: Go online and read up about the past, current and future of the company so that you find where your unique abilities can best help the company succeed.
  • BODY LANGUAGE: Your body speaks 58% of your communication and the audience or in this case your interviewer can pick from your body language who you truly are. So, don’t slouch, don’t put your hands in your pocket, don’t bend your neck to the ground, and please don’t pick your nose or scratch your head, make eye contact, smile,  don’t stroke your hair (Ladies) and give a firm hand shake.
  • DON’T BAD MOUTH YOUR FORMER EMPLOYER: Your former employer might not be perfect, but her or she helped in putting food on your table.
  • DON’T LIE ABOUT YOUR PAST SALARIES: Through BVN and pay slip printouts you will be caught.
  • GIVE A SALARY RANGE: When they say ”How much do you want to be paid?” Never say any thing? Give a range N100,000 to N200,000 And tell them the insane value you’re willing to add to justify the salary.
  • ALWAYS ASK THEM QUESTIONS: When they ask you, ”Do you have any questions for us?” Tell them ”Yes, based on my research about you ……..” By asking them questions it proves that you did your homework and that you’re determined to get the job.

Happy job interview.


A lot of times it’s not the challenges outside our lives that prevents us from stepping into our greatness, it is usually the STORIES of inadequacies we tell ourselves in our heads.

What you constantly tell yourself is as powerful as a pilots capacity to determine the destination of a plane. The internal dialogue you have with yourself in your head is what persuades or dissuades you from taking action or tucking yourself away from the awesome game of life.

The average human being talks to another human being at the rate of 120 to 150 words per minute, but internally we talk to ourselves at the rate of 300 words per minute wow! So, WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN TELLING YOU! Here are the 5 ways among so many that i think people use to self sabotage themselves.

  1. FEAR OF WHAT PEOPLE WILL SAY: If you live your life waiting for the approval of certain people you will be bored. The thrill of life is in the falling, learning, and picking yourself up again.
  2. PROCRASTINATION: The ”I will do it next week” ”I will start will i get married” group of people. Follow the NIKE slogan ”JUST DO IT” The moment that idea drops in your spirit it has also dropped in the heart of another person because ideas are disembodied entities looking for human bodies to incarnate them. Execute on those ideas that God whispered into your soul.
  3. LAZINESS: Thomas Edison said, ”We often miss opportunities because it’s dressed in overalls and looks like work” A lot people have the talent and skill to step into their power but the weight of laziness will not let them be. Refuse to be lazy, get the work done.
  4.   STUPID PEOPLE: If you populate your limited time with time vampires you’re in trouble. Eliminate the wrong people from your life. You don’t have all day to achieve your mission on this side of the presence of God. ”Walk with the wise and you’ll become wise but the companion of fools will be destroyed” King Solomon said. Stop giving the wrong people access key into your life.
  5. SELF KINDNESS: Be brutal to yourself and take no bullshit from your soul. Demand more from the YOU in YOU. Be your own unkind employer, work while you’re young and your old age self will thank you.


A merry heart doth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones.

Will you please stop worrying and complaining? yes you, the very one reading this post.

I bet you feel good, ecstatic, and perhaps will even flash a wide grin when someone says – “thank you very much” or “i am grateful” and if given the same scenario you’d shower the same level of kindness right back at them.

This is simple; whatever we reward gets repeated.

I have come to learn that as humans, whatever we focus on expands and when we focus on being grateful for the things we have, we would automatically have more things to be thankful for.

The ritual of gratitude dramatically shifts your focus and energy from what you seemingly don’t have to what you do have. And when the joy, happiness, and a sense of “it-ain’t-that-bad” starts brewing in the depths of your soul, you will discover your sad, depressed and unhappy state evaporate as steam.

Dr. John Maxwell once said – when there’s hope in the future, it gives you power in the present.

Now it gets better, if you imbibe a culture of gratitude, interleukin-2 and interferon are biochemicals, released into your bloodstream; two powerful combatants against kidney cancer.

Enough with the benefits of being grateful, here’s how you can start. You will need two things – arduous commitment and a journal (note-book, note-pad etc).

This is what you do; every morning you wake up, i want you to write 5 things that you are grateful for and a simple reason each for why you are grateful.

This my friends are the first steps to living a very happy life.

An excerpt from my book CREATING YOUR TOMORROW.


Speaking in public is a skill that you can learn. Like any skill you need determination, repetition, and coaching to master it and speaking in public is no exception.

Stage fright is normal and usual, there is nothing wrong with you if you feel that fear before you make a presentation but how you handle it is what matters. As a person who speaks in public almost every week, here are my tips for overcoming stage fright

  1. PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE: Rehearse your talk before your friends and family to generate feedback from them, you can also record your speech in your phone and watch or listen to yourself make the presentation this will give you the necessary feedback for a great presentation on the day of the talk.
  2. HAVE A CLEAR PURPOSE: Why are you giving the speech? Is it to: inform, instruct, warn, motivate, sell, etc. The purpose of your speech will give you courage and shift your focus away from yourself to the struggles and challenges of your audience. The only reason why you have stage fright is usually because your whole focus is about you (What will people say, How will i come across, etc) Make the focus about the value you intend to add to your audience and stage fear will disappear.
  3. GET TO THE VENUE BEFORE EVERYONE: Get to the venue early and set up your laptop, projector, or whatever you’ll need for the presentation. The other benefit is that when you arrive early you can start friendly conversations with participants before your mount the stage to talk this reduces your anxiety and helps you in making eye contact when you start talking.
  4. USE YOUR BODY: Since 55% of communication is body language, it is important that  you don’t standstill when your talk use your hands, facial expressions, and tone of voice to portray your point of view. It’s been researched that the most effective presentations are those with the most body language. Also, your body affects your emotions and your emotions affect your body. If you put your body in an emotional state of courage, the energy of fear will disappear.
  5. PRAY: I have been speaking professional for ten years, yet i still pray to God for courage and empathy before i speak. Try it, it works because God answers prayers.


We all need each other. Show me a person who doesn’t like the help, support, and inspiration of others i will show you a lonely and proud person.

Most good and bad things you will have in this world will come through a human being. Customers are people, workers are people, and investors are people. If you don’t know and understand people then, you’ll be at a disadvantage in life. So how do you increase your likability possibilities?

  1. SIMILARITY ACTIVATION:  There is an old saying that goes ”People like doing business with people that are like them.” That is very true. When you meet a person, dig, look, and spot areas  the person where you people have a common interest and zero in on that. When you do that you affirm them and make them feel comfortable around you. In the areas where you people are dissimilar creatively deemphasise or completely stay away from those especially if you’re about to close a sale.
  2. LET THEM BOAST ABOUT THEMSELVES: The favourite subject of people is themselves. Therefore, to make people like you ask them great open ended questions about themselves that allows them to talk about their accomplishments and struggles. When people talk about themselves they feel good, this is because biologically their bodies releases a hormone called ENDORPHIN the hormone that makes us feel good, they now transfer that feel good energy to feel good about you! YOU ARE NOT THE SUBJECT, THEY ARE THE SUBJECT!
  3. ANTICIPATE THEIR NEEDS: By taking action to meeting their needs before they even realise it, people feel loved, cared for, and honoured. Whose needs will you anticipate and take action on today? Is it, your boss, your spouse, your pastor, your father, or your Mother.

In conclusion, it’s expedient that you get people to like you. The more people like you the higher your chances for success.


Millions of Nigerians are onboarding online on a regular basis. The big telecom companies are noticing a surge in their income coming from the sales of data and not voice. This indicates a rise in consumers social and commercial interactions moving online.

This is an opportunity for you to promote your business, sell your products, or increase awareness for your cause. Now, there are a lot of ways to make money online but am narrowing this post to three useable ways.Here we go!

  1. PRINTIVO STORE: Right off the jump in the 3 WAYS TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE IN NIGERIA is So, the other day i was driving on third mainland bridge listening to a podcast where Oluyomi Ojo one of the founders of PRINTIVO Nigeria’s online print shop, talking about a new feature in their business called printivo store. The idea is that you can create or develop a design for: T-shirt, Mugs, Phone case, Letter Head, etc. When someone likes your design and places an order for your design to be printed on their merchandise, you’ll get 15% of the order. Translation: If somebody places an order for example for T-shirts worth N100,000 you’ll instantly get N15,000.
  2. ONLINE SPONSORSHIP: If you build your blog readership, podcast listeners, Instagram followers, and youtube subscriber base you can charge companies to advertise on your page for a fee. This is one way through which i make money online
  3. PAID WHATSAPP CLASSES: Are you an expert in : baking, cooking, parenting, intimacy, the list is endless. Do you know that you can develop a how-to guide on how to do what you do, record your voice in the voice recorder in your phone, form a Whatsapp group based on your expertise and then charge people for the class. I did it with my goal setting class called RESULTS COACHING BLUEPRINT and i charged N20,000 person. Hmmm and the next one is on selling and it starts this month. .

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