We all need each other. Show me a person who doesn’t like the help, support, and inspiration of others i will show you a lonely and proud person.

Most good and bad things you will have in this world will come through a human being. Customers are people, workers are people, and investors are people. If you don’t know and understand people then, you’ll be at a disadvantage in life. So how do you increase your likability possibilities?

  1. SIMILARITY ACTIVATION:  There is an old saying that goes ”People like doing business with people that are like them.” That is very true. When you meet a person, dig, look, and spot areas  the person where you people have a common interest and zero in on that. When you do that you affirm them and make them feel comfortable around you. In the areas where you people are dissimilar creatively deemphasise or completely stay away from those especially if you’re about to close a sale.
  2. LET THEM BOAST ABOUT THEMSELVES: The favourite subject of people is themselves. Therefore, to make people like you ask them great open ended questions about themselves that allows them to talk about their accomplishments and struggles. When people talk about themselves they feel good, this is because biologically their bodies releases a hormone called ENDORPHIN the hormone that makes us feel good, they now transfer that feel good energy to feel good about you! YOU ARE NOT THE SUBJECT, THEY ARE THE SUBJECT!
  3. ANTICIPATE THEIR NEEDS: By taking action to meeting their needs before they even realise it, people feel loved, cared for, and honoured. Whose needs will you anticipate and take action on today? Is it, your boss, your spouse, your pastor, your father, or your Mother.

In conclusion, it’s expedient that you get people to like you. The more people like you the higher your chances for success.