Christmas is just around the corner! In fact inside malls, merchants have started decorating their stores in preparation for the season of grace, sharing, and giving.

As a business person how can you increase your business before christmas? Here are a few tips i got from reading Jay Abraham’s book GETTING EVERYTHING YOU CAN OUT OF ALL YOU’VE GOT.

  1. INCREASE YOUR NUMBER OF CUSTOMERS OR CLIENTS: The question is HOW?  By : A. Asking your satisfied customers for referrals.    B. Create strategic alliances with businesses that are currently dealing with your target customers. Like a client of mine who sells dress shirts inside a grocery and meat shop. C. You can increase your number of customers by guest posting in blogs such as lindaikejisblog.com or bellanaija.com
  2.  INCREASE THE TRANSACTION SIZE PER CUSTOMER OR CLIENT: If a customer spends N1,000 in your business per month in one year that will be N12,000. What if you add more value to your product or service to the degree that it inspires or motivates them to increase their transaction size per month from N1,000 to N2,000 which translates into N24,000 per year. So ask yourself and your team ”WHAT CAN WE DO TO INCREASE THE NUMBER OF MONEY OUR CUSTOMERS SPEND WITH US” This will help you stimulate other revenue streams in your business.
  3. INCREASE THE NUMBER OF TIMES YOUR CUSTOMERS BUY FROM YOU: Staying with the analogy of the customer that spends N1,000 per year. What if you can increase the number of times the customer visits and purchase from you. Can you use discounts to increase the number of times people buy from you? Can you use the launch of a new offer or product to increase the number of times that people buy from you? Ask yourself and your team WHAT CAN WE DO TO INCREASE THE NUMBER OF TIMES CUSTOMERS BUY FROM US PER YEAR AND PER MONTH?