Millions of Nigerians are onboarding online on a regular basis. The big telecom companies are noticing a surge in their income coming from the sales of data and not voice. This indicates a rise in consumers social and commercial interactions moving online.

This is an opportunity for you to promote your business, sell your products, or increase awareness for your cause. Now, there are a lot of ways to make money online but am narrowing this post to three useable ways.Here we go!

  1. PRINTIVO STORE: Right off the jump in the 3 WAYS TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE IN NIGERIA is www.printivo.com/sell# So, the other day i was driving on third mainland bridge listening to a podcast where Oluyomi Ojo one of the founders of PRINTIVO Nigeria’s online print shop, talking about a new feature in their business called printivo store. The idea is that you can create or develop a design for: T-shirt, Mugs, Phone case, Letter Head, etc. When someone likes your design and places an order for your design to be printed on their merchandise, you’ll get 15% of the order. Translation: If somebody places an order for example for T-shirts worth N100,000 you’ll instantly get N15,000.
  2. ONLINE SPONSORSHIP: If you build your blog readership, podcast listeners, Instagram followers, and youtube subscriber base you can charge companies to advertise on your page for a fee. This is one way through which i make money online
  3. PAID WHATSAPP CLASSES: Are you an expert in : baking, cooking, parenting, intimacy, the list is endless. Do you know that you can develop a how-to guide on how to do what you do, record your voice in the voice recorder in your phone, form a Whatsapp group based on your expertise and then charge people for the class. I did it with my goal setting class called RESULTS COACHING BLUEPRINT and i charged N20,000 person. Hmmm and the next one is on selling and it starts this month. .

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