1.SOCIAL MEDIA: Justin Bieber was discovered on YouTube by Scooter Braun this goes to show the import of social media and the internet- the big idea here is, put your content out there on the social media space you never know who is- watching, looking, and reading about you out there.

  1. HARD WORK: Justin Bieber did 82 shows in less than 30 days. Some people work for 3 hours and they are crying. Talent can get you notice, but it is hard work that can take you to the top. Remember what the sages say, “The harder i work the luckier i become.” Demand insane levels of excellence from yourself.
  1. PERSISTENCE: When he moved to America from Canada, he went to every radio station to sing and just get the word out there. And whenever he is there is tweets about it, and the gradually from 10 people to thousands of people the radio stations started getting loads of people waiting outside to see Justin Bieber. Never take no for an answer
  1. COACHING: Justin Bierber has a voice coach. As successful as he is. A coach challenges you, and helps you move from where you are to where you ought to be. To book a coaching session with me please call +23469438614 or send me an email- paulfoh@hotmail.com
  1. AUDACIOUS DREAMS: Justin Bieber told his manager that he will fill up Madison Square Garden, that is a dream location for all artist in the world it is a 18,200 sitting capacity hall, He thought it was a joke. Guess what, he sold-out the garden of 18,200 people in 22 minutes. Never let other people dream for you- they’ll dream too small.