This is going to be a short ONE!

On this article i want to share with you some amazing apps or applications that you can install in your phone to make you more productive and produce more results and make you 1% better than your peers.

1. EVERNOTE: Evernote is a cool note taking app and it also has a web clipper section which helps you save webpages you will like to reference on a later date but usually fail to recall.

2. JOTNOT: Jotnot is the simplest way to save a digital version of your receipts and documents. Call it your mobile scanner, this app is very handy because sometimes you fill up your bag with receipts and when it is time for your company to pay you back you can’t find them.

3. AUDIBLE: Wow! I love audible. This helps you listen to audio books on the go. Due to the busy nature of your work, you might not have the time to read paper books, audio books is your solution.

4.LASTPASS: Do you have multiple passwords for your online activities? Save some of your brain energy, and lodge them all in lastpass.