I love working out. It is 9:44pm as I write and I just came back from a run. I feel great, invigorated, alive, and fulfilled.

I’ve seen men in their 40s look like their in their 60s because of bad life style choices and I have seen men in their 60s look like their in their late 30s due to constant, disciplined, and committed exercise regimen. To humbly contribute to your well being here are 5 REASONS WHY MEN SHOULD FREQUENTLY EXCERCISE.

  1. IT IMPROVES YOUR MOOD: When you exercise you release endorphins into your blood stream. Now, endorphins are the chemicals that make us feel good. Regular exercise eliminates drastically the issue of mood swings, when you feel good due to exercise you’ll do good because how you feel affects what you do.
  1. BETTER SLEEP: Some men don’t sleep properly and this affects their output at work, by doing intense exercise when you sleep you’ll sleep like a baby. As Gillian Flower said, ‘’ Sleep is intrinsically tied to circadian rhythms—the cycles of hormones within our bodies that drive many of our physical processes. Regular exercise improves sleep quality and has been shown to improve even chronic insomnia. ‘’
  1. IMPROVED SEX: Studies have shown that if a man has regular exercise for 180 minutes a week his sexual life, sexual strength, and libido will improve. Or it even gets better, regular exercise can improve a mans erectile function.
  1. IT IMPROVES YOUR STAYING POWER: Exercise trains your brain to be persistent. For example, if you decide to run or walk for 3 miles, and you get to the second mile then feel like quitting the persistent persona in you will nudge you to keep pushing. This kind of mindset can then be transferred to your work and life.
  1. REDUCES THE OCCURRENCE OF DISEASES: Regular exercise will positively reduce the occurrence of diseases such as: prostate cancer, heart attack, and other diseases common to men.


I must add that, if you want to have fun and increase the intimacy in your marriage if you are married is to exercise with your spouse. Hmmm i go on a run with my wife sometimes and I tell you it has really helped my intimacy and connection with her, because after the run we get to talk, gist, pray and hold hands as we walk back home i’ve being happily married for 9 years and guys i’ve got to tell you this stuff works.

Make regular exercise a priority in your life, so you can stay strong and alive for the people that you love and love you.