”Three million Nigerians enter the job market every year, and only 10% of them are absorbed into the job market.”

”The problem in Nigeria is not only unemployment, the bigger problem is that most Nigerian youths are unemployable”

As a part of my job i recruit for my clients to help them get qualified staff to fill their vacancies and i began to observe a pattern among Nigerian young graduates who come in for job interviews. Some of them come in unprepared and wonder why they didn’t get employed at the least or at the most the blame spiritual ‘village’ powers for their failure to clinch the job.

A job interview is what i call level one success. This is because for you to be invited for a job interview it means that they didn’t invite other people. That means that there is something about you that the company found interesting and the job interview is an opportunity for them to prob further.

So, here are my 6 tips for nailing a job interview:

  • LOOK PROFESSIONAL: People see you and make judgements about you the moment they see you, even before your mouth gets the opportunity to defend you. I have seen men come for job interviews (with other contenders) dressed up like losers. Some men go to job interviews without a tie, a jacket, and their confidence. Here’s what to wear                                    1. Wear a blue or white shirt with a tie (no bow ties please)                                                              2. Groom yourself. No long nails for men please! Get a clean hair cut and shave                          your beard properly.
  • ARTICULATE YOUR ACHIEVEMENTS: When you are asked in the job interview ”Tell us about yourself” That is not the time for you to talk about the things that are already in your resume. The ”Tell us a bit about yourself?” Means a small and clear description of your values, past achievements, and future goals that aligns with the companies goals.
  • RESEARCH THE COMPANY BEFORE THE INTERVIEW: Go online and read up about the past, current and future of the company so that you find where your unique abilities can best help the company succeed.
  • BODY LANGUAGE: Your body speaks 58% of your communication and the audience or in this case your interviewer can pick from your body language who you truly are. So, don’t slouch, don’t put your hands in your pocket, don’t bend your neck to the ground, and please don’t pick your nose or scratch your head, make eye contact, smile,  don’t stroke your hair (Ladies) and give a firm hand shake.
  • DON’T BAD MOUTH YOUR FORMER EMPLOYER: Your former employer might not be perfect, but her or she helped in putting food on your table.
  • DON’T LIE ABOUT YOUR PAST SALARIES: Through BVN and pay slip printouts you will be caught.
  • GIVE A SALARY RANGE: When they say ”How much do you want to be paid?” Never say any thing? Give a range N100,000 to N200,000 And tell them the insane value you’re willing to add to justify the salary.
  • ALWAYS ASK THEM QUESTIONS: When they ask you, ”Do you have any questions for us?” Tell them ”Yes, based on my research about you ……..” By asking them questions it proves that you did your homework and that you’re determined to get the job.

Happy job interview.