A Nigerian pop singer by the name Wande Cole sang a song, ‘’My woman, my everything, my woman oh my everything’ The song simple echoes the importance of a women in the equation of a mans life.

Having a woman that gets you is so life enriching, to help you take your relationship with your special lady to the next level, lets look at 5 SIMPLE WAYS TO WOW! YOUR ‘WOMAN OH’

  1. AFFIRM HER: While men are moved and incited by what they see, women are motivated and assured by what they hear. To affirm means to offer emotional support, by saying words of affirmation to your lady you build up her self esteem and self confidence in herself, her beauty, and her body. Tell her she is beautiful, praise her strength and focus less on her weaknesses.
  2. SURPRISE HER WITH GIFTS: The human mind likes and craves novelty, newness, and freshness. By buying her gifts, it doesn’t have to be expensive, you’ll make her feel special and nine times out of ten she’ll reciprocate the feeling back to you. So go ahead, buy her a gift, send lunch to her office without her asking, buy her a ticket to the concert of her favorite singer.
  3. DO THE HOUSE CHORES: There is no law that states that it is only a woman that should do all the house chores. Sometimes man: do the dishes, empty the trash, and clean the floor before she wakes up or returns from work.
  4. SEND HER A TEXT MESSAGE OR PHONE CALL DURING THE DAY:   Sometimes as men we can just get caught up with working hard to make ends meet for our families that we sometimes forget to take a moment to pause and show some love to the very people we want to provide for. So during the day, I humbly suggest that you at least once during the working day call or text your lady to see how she is doing or send her a love inspired text message.
  5. INVEST IN HER DREAMS: Your wife or lady has dreams in her soul that she’ll want to achieve in this life. You can wow her by buying one of the equipment that she’ll need to make the dream happen. If she wants to be a writer for example you can buy her videos on professional writing , if she wants to be a photographer you can buy her a good camera. By investing in her dreams you’re sending a massive message to her that you deeply want her to make progress.