Wow! This world is super busy and noisy. Today, there are thousands of great products, services, experts, brands, and influencers. So how do you get noticed for promotion, increase, and attention in the workplace and business?

You need the attention because attention brings sales, promotion, and opportunities. Here are my five tips of getting noticed at work and business

  1. DO MORE THAN YOU’RE PAID TO WORK OR PERFORM: This principles never goes out of style. When a client pays you N300,000 to do a job, do it with such passion, creativity, and empathy that people will think they paid you N10,000,000 to do the job. This shows that you care about the success of the client and that you’re grateful for the opportunity. By doing that, you’ll attract attention to your work which will eventually lead to a promotion or more business.
  2. SEND A COMPETENT IMAGE: Perception is reality. People see you first before they hear you. People make decisions based on the information that their five senses give to them, therefore you’ve got to side with their five physical senses to increase your credibility and likeability in their eyes. Look the part and dress for the occasion, make sure your shoes are clean and shined, clothes ironed, grooming done right, and you language appropriate.
  3.   POSITION YOURSELF AS A SOLUTION: Problem pointers are everywhere, but solution providers are scarce. The next time you’re heading to your bosses office with a list of what’s wrong in the business also carry a solution list along with you. By solving problems you’ll increase your market value and customers pay for solutions and not products.
  4.   COMMUNICATE AMAZINGLY WELL: You want to get noticed? Then learn the science of effective communication, click on the www.iampaulfoh.com/courses, i’ve got an amazing course called I CAN MAKE YOU SPEAK WELL IN PUBLIC is going for a discounted price of N2,000 today. When you communicate well people and customers pay attention to you and communication is a learnable skill.
  5.   HELP OTHER PEOPLE GET WHAT THEY WANT: The best way to get what you want in this world, is to help other people get what they want. To get noticed therefore, help your customers get what they want, help your boss get what he or she wants, help your colleagues get what they want, and the world will reward you with your hearts desire. I know that it is counter intuitive, for the natural thing to do is focus on your needs, but trust me it works.