Coaching is powerful. Coaches are influential.

Coaching is the process of helping people gain clarity in their lives and business while transporting them from where they are to where they want to be.

The best coaches in the world from Rich Litvin to Tony Robbins have the following in common

  1. ABILITY TO ASK POWERFUL QUESTIONS: Tony Robbins the pioneer of the coaching industry said that ” THE QUALITY OF QUESTIONS THAT YOU ASK YOURSELF WILL DETERMINE THE QUALITY OF LIFE THAT YOU LIVE.” To coach effectively you must master the art of asking  questions that help clients, question what they thought was impossible. The question is how do you ask great questions?  A. Watch great interview shows like Charlie Rose or listen to great podcast. B. Search google on how to ask great questions. C. Watch youtube.com videos of top coaches coaching people live. Or get the book A MORE BEAUTIFUL QUESTION by WARREN BERGER
  2. COACH REGULARLY AND CONSISTENTLY: Coaching like any skill gets better with practice. So go out there and look for people to coach first for free so you can make all the mistakes under the sun. Set a goal to coach a specific amount of people monthly.
  3. GO FOR TRAINING: Upgrade your coaching skills by registering in coaching schools like OLCA (Olusola Lanre Coaching Academy) School yourself and sharpen your skills.
  4. EVERY COACH NEEDS A COACH: As a coach you must have a coach for yourself. Having a coach opens your eyes to your own limiting beliefs and the power of the coaching process. So go out there and hire a coach, if you want hire me as your coach you can email me paulfohinspires@gmail.com
  5. LISTENING SKILL: Great coaches are amazing at listening to what the client is saying and what the client is not saying. Develop your listening skills, start by listening to your kids, your wife, your husband, your friends. JUST LISTEN