Like it or not at some point in your career, business, or life you will be required to give a talk or make a presentation to influence and persuade people to buy your product or see things from your point of view. At such times the skill of presentation and persuasion will come in very useful.

Many opportunities and clients are lost to less competent competitors due to a lack of presentation skills. At the end of the day, it is the company or individual that can persuade and move the client emotionally, psychologically, and financially with their oratorical prowess that wins.

As a professional business speaker i have moved people consistently with my speaking skills and earned money doing it, so i know a few tricks that can help you overcome your fear of public speaking……

  1. VISUALIZE YOUR SPEECH FIRST IN YOUR MIND: Your mind cannot tell the difference between an imagined experience or a real/objective experience. What that means is that, if you mentally imagine in full detail your speech and the standing ovation you’ll receive after your speech, when the day eventually comes when you’re required to give the speech your nervous system will say ”We’ve done this before, let’s do it again.” Top performers from business people to sports arrow heads do this regularly before they perform. On the other hand,  if you imagine yourself giving a tacky speech and being booed off the stage that is what will also happen, so choose your mental images carefully.
  2. PRACTICE YOUR SPEECH IN FRONT OF A MIRROR: I do that frequently. Winston Churchill one of the worlds greatest orators did that frequently also during his time on earth. By practicing your speech in front of a mirror, you’ll get used to your content and how you sound which reduces tension and anxiety.
  3. BODY LANGUAGE OF CHAMPIONS: You can trick your mind by your body language. Remember i said in the first point that your mind cannot tell the difference between a real experience or an imagined experience. By assuming the posture or physiology of a public speaker that you admire, your brain and nervous system also follows the instruction. So go ahead, act and stand like a confident public speaker during your presentation and you will speak confidently.
  4. PREPARATION: Knowledge gives confidence. Research the topic you’ve being asked to speak on and deliver it with passion.
  5. KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE: What kind of people will you be speaking to? When you research your audience ahead of time, it will help you frame your talk, dress up, and present in a bespoke way that resonates with their model of the world, because remember ”People like doing business with people that are like them.”