The word ‘HACK’ is a slang that means ‘A quick job that produces what is needed’ or ‘A clever technique’ In this post i will be sharing 35 hacks that can help you crush your goals.

Goals cannot of themselves manifest in the physical world. To make your goals a reality, there are certain steps, actions, and things you must do. A lot of people set goals, but very few achieve the goals that they set for themselves.

To assist you in achieving your goals and traveling to the shores of success that you seek in 2017, here are the HACKS

  1. Read your clear and specific goals to yourself at least twice daily.
  2. Guilt customers and people to give you more money, by giving them outstanding value.
  3. Read at least one book a month in the critical areas of your business and life and you’ll become an expert.
  4. Associate with people that make your ‘SUCCESS’ look ordinary, so you can do more and be more.
  5. Reduce your time spent on social media
  6. Reduce your time spent watching TV
  7. Get rid of every negative addiction in your life- SEEK PROFESSIONAL HELP IF NEED BE
  8. Drink a lot of water daily
  9. Develop the ritual of gratitude for the things and people you have in your life.
  10. Block out time to spend with your lover, wife, husband, and family.
  11. Ask, Ask, Ask: for help, for a raise, for a date, for the business, ASK.
  12. Give. Especially the things you want the most.
  13. Set up an automatic savings system with your bank. Instruct them to transfer a specific amount of your income into and investment account monthly.
  14.   Get a coach. A coach holds you accountable to your goals. I am a Uk certified coach and a practicing coach, yet i still have a coach. Get yourself a coach.
  15. Take massive action towards your goals.
  16. Avoid time and emotional vampires.
  17. Stay fit like an athlete.
  18. Take your image and dressing seriously. People see you first, before they hear you.
  19. Make the relationship with your wife or husband a super priority.
  20. Question your assumptions about what is possible.
  21. Travel within and outside your country.
  22. Become brutally clear about what you want: financially, spiritually, physically, and mentally.
  23. Create an ‘ALONE’ time with your spouse every week or month.
  24. Create time to visualize your goals daily.
  25. Make prayer a super priority in 2017.
  26. Do an unexpected act of kindness to a stranger: pay for the toll fee of the car behind you, pay for the food or coffee of a stranger.
  27. Forgive people that hurt you. It will heal and free you.
  28. Collaborate with people.
  29. Give opportunities and jobs to other people.
  30. Make discipline a key part of your life.
  31. Accept personal responsibility for every aspect of your life that is working or not working.
  32. Remove yourself from toxic relationships.
  33. Review your results.
  34. Power Habits and Rituals. Successful people have habits and rituals that they do daily and consistently. For some, they read daily, call their spouse daily, exercise daily, etc. Craft your own positive habits.
  35. Make sex with your wife or husband a super exciting adventure.



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