Everybody wants to be productive. With the fast pace at which things and customers change in todays world, the ability to deliver results and answers faster than your competition is now a competitive advantage.

As a business speaker, author, blogger, and transportation entrepreneur i have found certain apps that help me deliver value to my customers quickly, apps that help me save loads of my passwords so i don’t need to remember them, apps that even track my health.

Let me share a few of them with you today.

  1. www.dropbox.com I first heard about dropbox.com when i was at a VUSI THEMBEKWAYO conference in South Africa, and i can tell you dropbox is a life saver. with dropbox i get to save my videos, training materials, presentation slides, etc. You can also password some documents on dropbox.
  2. www.evernote.com Evernote is like your mobile note book (Though i still like the physical ones)  You can scan complimentary cards on ever note, store notes from meetings on evernote. It helps you focus on the main things.
  3.   www.bitly.com  I find Bitly very useful as a blogger and thought leader because it helps me shorten my links to pages on my site.
  4. www.headspace.com  I meditate in the mornings. Meditation reduces high blood pressure, makes you calmer and more centered. Headspace is a fantastic meditation app.
  5.  www.scribd.com  This is a fantastic app for books. I read a lot so this app helps in making that happen.
  6. www.youversionbible.com  This helps you read the bible and study the word of God in different versions on the go.
  7. Uber.com  When you’re not driving to that meeting, get a Uber. This app will cause you to get to your meetings on time.

Have a fantastic day.