1. AMBITION: Pharell said ‘’ I am ambitious because I realize it can be done’’ Women love and respect men who have big dreams and take daily steps that can lead to their accomplishment. Women want to be lead, or taken on a journey by a man who wants more from life and a man who inspires them to demand more from their potential. You might not have the fancy cars and cribs yet but if you’re ambitious enough and you declare your ambition to her in humility and love the world will make a place for you.
  1. BE IN THE ‘NOW’: This is sort of contradicting my first point you’ll say! But no it simply compliments it. You see, the past you cannot bring back and the future you have not manifested all you have is ‘NOW’ so when you’re with your: wife, fiancé, girlfriend, and even kids BE PRESENT in the moment for your presence is more precious to them than your presents. When you’re with your woman discipline your mind not to travel to work, enjoy the MOMENT.
  1. GODLY: Women are attracted to men who fear God in action and in words. She’ll feel safe and whole around you in a world where women are battered, abused, raped, and mistreated.
  1. MENTAL TOUGHNESS: Hmmmm women like to say to their friends ‘’My guy is smart.’’ Be a life long learner. Be her teacher and life coach because of your wealth of knowledge.
  1. LOOKS: With technology and great products in the 21st century everybody can ‘MAKE’ themselves attractive. Work on your looks and raise your attractiveness to the opposite sex. As a married man, don’t rest on your laurel let your wife still look at the way you dress, look, and talk  and go like ‘’Hmmm girls I got a mehn’’          Arrest her attention by your style and swag.
  1. BE FUN TO BE WITH: Have fun with your life. Don’t be too serious take her to the movies, dance to your favorite songs together, make her laugh, and of course surprise her sometimes.