In the 21st century world you will be faced with situations and circumstances that will require you to sell or inform people about: yourself, ideas, products or services.

That will require you to speak to a group of people or an individual, the better you are at speaking the more people and resources you’ll attract to support your cause, company, team or whatever you’re trying to build.


So, to help you speak well in public here are my seven important tips.


  1. YOUR RATE OF TALKING: Some people in the bid to get over their material or what they have to say speak very fast so that they can quickly get off the stage and sit in the audience where the spotlight is not on them. If you speak too fast you’re audience won’t understand what you’re saying and if you speak too slow your audience will be bored, so the key there is to balance what you’re doing.


  1. THE PAUSE: Great public speakers know when to pause for a second or two to let their message sink into the soul of their listeners during their talks. To learn more about the beauty and power of a pause in a speech head to youtube.com , (youtube is owned by google.com) and search for 2023 PROMETHEUS movie thriller Peter Weyland did an amazing job there.



  1. BODY SPEAKS: Your body is a speaking tool, while speaking in front of an audience your mouth is not the only organ doing the talking, your body is talking far more than your mouth. Communication expert Dr. Albert Mehrabian said, that in communication 55% is body language, 38% is tone of voice and 7% is words. The idea am trying to get across to you is to ensure that your words and body language are congruent during your talk for example, if you’re talking about joy let it show in your voice, facial expression, and body language.


  1. LOOK AT ME: Look at a few people in the eye when you’re speaking to an audience this makes you effective, engaging, human, and seductive.



  1. DO THE DARK WORK: A wise boxer said, ‘’FOR YOU TO SHINE IN THE SPOTLIGHT, YOU MUST SWEAT IN THE DARK’’ The idea here is- PRACTICE. Practice your speech again and again in front of a mirror or a mock audience. This will sharpen your skill and raise your self confidence on the day of your speech. ‘’He who sweats in practice, bleeds less in war’’ Spartan.


  1. LOOK THE PART: Look the part during your speech, don’t under-dress for your audience you never know who might be in the audience.


  1. BENCHMARK: Study, observe, and follow great speakers to raise your presentation skill level.