I heard a story about a father who was preparing a sermon to deliver on a Sunday morning. His little son kept barging into his office incessantly to get his fatherly attention, well to occupy the young lad, his father gave him a torn piece of paper with the map of the world to put together, thinking that the activity will occupy his time.

To the surprise of his father he returned to his fathers study pretty quickly with the torn piece of paper put together beautifully. The father in amazement asked his son ‘’Son how did you did that so quickly.’’ The son answered ‘’Hmmm dad it was easy, you see, I noticed the picture of a man at the back of the paper and when I put the man together I put his world together.’’

To put a man together I believe there are certain skills and competencies he must master:


  1. SPIRITUAL MASTERY: Every man must know His maker or Source and develop an on going spiritual relationship with his Creator because ultimately a man is the spiritual covering of his home.
  1. RELATIONSHIP MASTERY: Every man will need people to advance and accelerate his career, business, and dreams in life. The more quality people you know as a man the better your life will become. Due to the mimicking neuron in your brain, you tend to copy and do what you see around you. Intentionally build relationships with people that can inspire and motivate you.
  1. KNOWLEDGE MASTERY: Today as a man you live in a super-competitive world, so if you don’t upgrade your knowledge in your chosen field your competitors will eat your lunch. Read books, attend seminars, and make your car an audio university.
  1. MONEY MASTERY: Money problems can affect your potential negatively. So manage your money well, reduce debt, have multiple streams of income, save a lot, and give a lot for givers never lack.
  1. LOVE MASTERY: A man must develop the competence to show love to his children daily for you are their hero and you are the first example of manhood that your sons and daughters will observe. Next stop his love your wife, fiancé, or girlfriend. Don’t cheat on them and if you have in the past forgive your self and never go back there again. LET GO OF THE SIDE CHICK
  1. PHYSICAL FITNESS MASTERY: Without your physical body you cannot exist on this earth. Hit the gym, go for a run, do some yoga, just move your body regularly for physical exercise can increase your energy, eliminate fat, and increase your sex drive.
  1. IMAGE MASTERY: Always look the part, for as a man you are seen before you are heard. Never dress in a shabby or tacky way, get a proper hair cut, wear a nice cologne and watch peoples response towards you improve.
  1. MENTORSHIP MASTERY: I believe that every man should have mentors in significant areas of their lives. Mentors are generally people who are doing better than you in: business, marriage, career, health, etc. When you have a good mentor you’ll save yourself from making stupid mistakes in life.


  1. Well-written, just one thing I would add, and I’d add it to Point No.5, i.e. Love Mastery. Your wife comes before your children. You are one (i.e. one flesh) with your wife, but your children will one day grow and leave the nest (Gen.2:24, Matt.19:5, Eph.5:31).

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