What is the problem that your product, service, or business solves for people? I believe that the power of a product is its ability to improve the lives of its users, following that train of thought- it means that the more products you sell, the more lives you get to improve and the more problems you solve.

But how can you sell if you don’t have clear business sales goals and a strategy for achieving them? As a business man and sales coach i have discovered that one of the reasons why people don’t sell much is because they’ve not defined what the finished line should look and feel like.

To assist you, here’s my formula for setting clear sales goals and achieving them

  1. PRISTINE CLARITY: For example i want to sell a lot of products in the fourth quarter of 2017 is not a clear goal. But, i want to sell products worth N10,000,000 in Q4 is a clear and inspiring goal.
  2. TRANSLATE THE GOAL: How many products or services will you have to sell to achieve your N10,000,000 goal? How many potential customers will you have to meet for you to make a sale? The next time you close a sale observe the number of people you had to call or speak to before you made that sale. Knowing that will help you form and see a pattern. For example, if you speak to ten people about your product and only two paid you cash, that means that you have a 10% sales closing ratio
  3. WRITE THE GOAL DOWN: If you have a team write the goal down in a visible place for every member of your team to see. This is because humans move in the direction of what they constantly see. Take it a step further, read the goal to yourself everyday the purpose of this activity is to programme your unconscious mind to become aware of the people and events that can help you manifest your goal.
  4. TRACK AND MEASURE THE GOAL: You cannot sustainably improve anything that you don’t track and measure. Where are you now in terms of your sales?  Whats the gap between where your sales numbers are and where you want  it to be?
  5. ACTION STEPS: You might not have the ability to control the outcome, but you can control your actions. What are the activities that you’ll need to do regularly to ensure that you hit your sales target? Phone calls, customer visits, asking for referrals, putting up content on social media etc. If you do the actions required for success, the outcome will correspond.
  6. CELEBRATE: When you achieve your sales goals- CELEBRATE!