1.     THE PEOPLE YOU KNOW: These are prospects within your sphere of familiarity they can also be referred to as  your low hanging fruit. They’re your relatives, friends, or colleagues at work. These are the people that will buy from you just to in their words ‘ENCOURAGE YOU’ Even if they don’t need your product. These set of people are very important because they boost your confidence  about your ability to sell your product, you can carry that confidence to the next category of prospects which is…….

2.      THE PEOPLE YOU DON’T KNOW: The people  that don’t know you! This can be very intimidating, because it triggers your emotion of fear and self doubt, thoughts like ‘Am I good enough’’  ‘’Am I smart enough’’ ‘’Will they like me’’  These thoughts pop up because you’re stepping out of your comfort zone or a put differently you’re moving from a place of familiarity to a place of unfamiliarity and that’s hard for your brain to wrap its head around. If you must grow you must step out of your comfort zone, besides you can’t build a sustainable business by selling to only people you currently know. You can’t sit in your office and meet people you don’t know. So, step out of your office, go out to coffee shops, parties, events, and other social functions it is in those situations that you find and connect with the people you don’t know.

3.     THE PEOPLE YOUR FRIENDS KNOW: This category is big! For every customer, friend, or relative that buys anything from you they have the potential to refer you to their own people and usually that sale is usually easier to conclude. Each time you don’t ask for a referral after a completion or close of sale you’re leaving money on the table. The other thing is that by asking for a referral you lodge your name and company in the mind of people so that whenever an opportunity comes their way you’ll get top of mind advantage. You must remember that great results are not wished, they are caused. You must be intentional about your sales process ask satisfied customers for a referral it may not always lead to a sale, but you have disciplined yourself to imbibe a practice into your process.

If your referral leads to a sale, I will humbly suggest that you buy a gift no matter how small to the person who referred you to say thank you. Two things happen when you do that: One it shows that you’re grateful, Two, it will instigate the person to do more for you, because whatever is rewarded gets repeated.



Ever heard the saying ‘’The rich get richer, and the poor get poorer?’’ Well there are some spiritual and social-scientific truth to that idea.

A sociologist Robert K. Merton coined the term ‘THE MATTHEW EFFECT’’ When he observed that prominent scientist often get more credit than a comparatively unknown researcher, even if their work were similar. It also meant that credit will usually be given to researchers who were already famous.

This concept is not new, it was inspired by the biblical parable of the talent beautifully told by Jesus Christ in the gospel of Matthew 25:29  i quote, ‘’WHOEVER HAS WILL BE GIVEN MORE , AND THEY WILL HAVE AN ABUNDANCE.’’


They say that perception is reality. When a person is perceived to be the leader in an industry, that person of company tend to attract most of the juicy, elaborate, and big jobs or opportunities in their industry.

Look at the COMPERE or Master of Ceremony industry in Nigeria, Ebuka and IK  Osakioduwa better known as IK  are perceived to be the biggest MCs in Nigeria so the big jobs like BIG BROTHER NIGERIA  2017 went to Ebuka and the MRS NIGERIA PAGEANT  job went to IK in 2017.

Look at the comedy industry all the big jobs in that space go to ALIBABA (Who is the father of the industry), BOVI, AND BASKETMOUTH.  


With social media, hard work, and creativity it has become extremely easier now to position yourself in the mental playground of your industry as an expert in a niche or subject matter.


  1. Pick a Niche, industry, or subject that you can win at.
  2. Position yourself as an expert, by giving out great content (through video, blog post, podcast, tweets, snapchats) RELENTLESSLY AND CONSISTENTLY every week. Look, if you think if your post once or twice a month or is going to make you known then you’re  carelessly wrong. Look at what guys like FALZ THE BAHD GUY has done with Instagram!
  3. Call yourself an expert, until you believe it and when you do the marketplace will.
  4. Speak at events my book ROCK THE STAGE: 15 SIMPLE WAYS TO SPEAK WELL IN PUBLIC at N800 will help you get a standing ovation every time you speak. Just click this link to buy it
  5. Get press from local newspapers, radio, or TV shows.
  6. Dress like an expert.
  7. Network and attend events
  8. Get awards and recognition for your expertise
  9. Write guest articles
  10. Read massively on your niche or subject matter as at this writing and month December 26, 2017  i have read four business books already.

In conclusion, use the ‘MATTHEW EFFECT’ To your advantage and reap the rewards.




There is strength in numbers. The local slang, ‘Oh boy! The more the merry’’ Has some truth in it.

The law of Large numbers states that, the  larger the sample population (or the number of observations) used in a test, the more accurate the predictions of the behaviour of that sample.

So lets say i know that the average man in Lagos city is 5 feet, 10 inches tall then i am more likely to find an average 5 feet, 10 inch tall man by selecting 700 men than selecting 10 men.

This law, though a product of probability has a lot of implication in our lives and businesses.

For example if your sales target is 100 Customers who will pay N5,000(which translates to N500,000) for your product you will have to email, text, DM, whatsapp and  personally speak to 1,000 potential customers to activate the law of large numbers to your favor.

Stop wasting time on activities during your day that won’t move you in the vector of your 1,000 prospects, this is important because your money, dreams, and increase are in the hands of your customers.

If you are single and you want to get married, you can also activate the law of large numbers in your favor by exposing or deliberately putting yourself in events and functions where a lot of good single people can lay their eyes on your smashing body and amazing personality.

One of the tools to activate the law of large numbers is to learn how to speak well in public. For when you speak in public a lot of people get to hear you and thereby some of them will be converted into paying customers of your goods and services. You can get a copy of my book ROCK THE STAGE: 15 SIMPLE WAYS TO SPEAK WELL IN PUBLIC, grab your copy  by clicking on the link below


I have been on your website since 6am this morning consuming your CONTENT. we were looking for someone to speak on sales at our January 2018 staff retreat and a friend of mine said there is only one guy that can deliver that he is Nigeria’s #1Sales Coach. Call him.

2. FEED YOUR WEBSITE WITH CONTENT: You never know when your master will return I hope you have spare content oil. That was how CNN found me.

3. ATTEND OTHER PEOPLE’S EVENTS : You can’t read the label when you’re inside the bottle. You don’t know it all empty your vessel and let others fill it up. The person that referred me met me in a conference where I went as an attendee, by the way I do that frequently.

4. GET A COACH: register at my membership program for less than DSTV subscription. Click on this link to register so you can get my juicier sales and presentation lessons twice a month and have one on one sessions with me.

Paul Foh
Nigeria’s #1 Sales Coach

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What can you remember about the last presentation, sales pitch, or sermon you attended? For most people they can’t remember anything about the experience because it was not ‘MEMORABLE’ In other words their memory bank could not spare any mental real estate to house it.

Now, that’s a problem especially if you want your product, service, idea, or personal brand to be remembered. We live in a world of abundant ideas and products, and so it is important that your presentation BREAKS THROUGH THE NOISE so that you can be heard and accorded the attention you need to close that sale, get that job, or whatever outcome your soul desires.

Here are the 3 ways to do that

  1. A SOUL GRIPPING STORY: In his remarkable victory speech former US President Barack Obama told this story ‘“This election had many firsts and many stories that will be told for generations,” Mr. Obama said on Nov. 4, 2008, in his victory speech in Grant Park in Chicago. “But one that’s on my mind tonight is about a woman who cast her ballot in Atlanta. She’s a lot like the millions of others who stood in line to make their voice heard in this election, except for one thing: Ann Nixon Cooper is 106 years old.

    “She was born just a generation past slavery,” Mr. Obama continued, “a time when there were no cars on the road or planes in the sky; when someone like her couldn’t vote for two reasons — because she was a woman and because of the color of her skin.”

That is a story that sums up his ‘YES WE CAN’ Phrase which we will look at later. By application, when you’re pitching for that sale, presenting your ideas, or presenting yourself tell powerful authentic stories that can move the heart of your audience, this makes them warm up to you and remember your presentation more.

2. A REPEATABLE PHRASE OR WORD: For President Obama it was ”YES WE CAN’ for some of my talks it is ”DO IT NOW” This makes your speech remarkable and tattooed in the minds of the people. So, get creative to inject a word or phrase that encapsulates your speech into your presentation and anytime the audience participation is low, inject the phrase and like an anchor the audience will respond enthusiastically.

3. A PROP:  By origin a prop is any object used on stage by an actor during a performance. The reality is that people hardly forget the object. TED Conference speakers use props a lot to illustrate their point, in Jill Bolte’s TED TALK, ‘My Stroke Of Insight’  she brought a sample human brain on stage, today that talk has 4.9 million views on youtube. For you a prop might just be a seed. a bottle, or anything that can aptly illustrate your point.

Use these tools and i will like to hear from you after your next presentation.


”And the word became flesh” Apostle John. For every important thing in your life to become flesh you will have to open your mouth and speak.

We live in a ‘word’ controlled world, to inspire people to do what you want them to do or to ask for what you want from people so you can move up in the ladder of life you’ll will have to make presentations to a big group or small group of people and sometimes to an individual.

If you can’t present your ideas, products, and services effectively, people with lesser ideas and inferior products but better presentation skills will sway the audience and clinch opportunities meant for you.

So whether you’re a marketer, parent, pastor, or anything in between these presentation tricks will help you become more successful.

  1. THE SCRIPT: Just as a great theatre performance is preceded by a great script, a great presentation is tied directly to a great script. The following questions should inform your script: WHO IS MY AUDIENCE, WHY ARE THEY HERE, WHAT DO THEY WANT, WHAT IS THE OBJECTIVE OF MY PRESENTATION. These are powerful questions that will guide your presentation and if you’re doing power point slides the questions will guide your construction of the slides.
  2. MAKE THE AUDIENCE YOUR FRIEND: The audience is not your enemy waiting for you to fail! They come into the room with energy, curiosity, and interest tap into their energy to make a super presentation. This is why i recommend that you arrive at the venue early and shake hands with the audience, ask them questions about their expectations for the presentation, and shake their hands.
  3. KNOW THE PROBLEM: Have a crystal clear understanding of the problem your client is trying to solve, and present from the problem into the solution. As Stephen Bayley and Roger Mavity said in their brilliant book LIFE’S A PITCH ”Make your audience gut-wrenchingly, suicidally miserable about the scale of their problems” This is because the bigger the problem the more valuable the solution.
  4. REHEARSAL:  Failure to rehearse your speech, means preparation to fail. Practice your speech in front of a mirror, in front of friends, or in front of the video in your phone. Don’t forget that the greatest speakers in the world all rehearse your speeches consistently before they deliver them.
  5. FIRST IMPRESSION: People see you first before they buy your ideas or services. In the first 7 seconds that people see you they start judging you from: your hand shake, dress sense, body language, and tone of voice. Put your best foot forward, bring your ‘A’ game to the fore.
  6. DEVELOP A STRUCTURE: My favourite speech presentation structure is the PROBLEM/ SOLUTION structure. In other words, state the problem emotionally and then present yourself or company as the solution to the problem.
  7. STORIES: Use stories and testimonials. Stories are very powerful, the touch the emotions and as Dale Carnegie said ”When dealing with people let us remember that we are not dealing with creatures of logic. We are dealing with creatures of emotion, creatures bristling with prejudices and motivated by pride and vanity” Tell stories of people who have engaged your services before and the successes they experienced.

Go out there and share your message, close that deal, and inspire the world.


With the millions of graduates leaving school and dashing to the job market and the constant change of industry and consumer behaviour due to technology, internet, and innovation it has become a matter of survival for you to standout from the crowd or be ignored.

In the years that lie ahead of  your career, most jobs will be replaced by a robot or AI (Artificial intelligence) Today there are driverless cars operating in some parts of the USA, in fact the CEO of Volvo Hakan Samuelsson said ”In 2019 Volvo will only manufacture electric cars, and by 2021 it will roll out self driving cars to consumers”

What does all that mean to your career? It means that you should arm yourself with the skills that will stand you out from the crowd and the skills that a machine cannot perform. One of which is making effective and emotional presentations.

Here’s what Billionaire Warren buffet had to say about public speaking ”You can improve your value by 50% just by learning communication- Public Speaking Skills”

Public speaking or presentation skills is a learnable skill. Like driving a car you can learn how to speak well in public and boost your career. To help you do that, buy a copy of my book ROCK THE STAGE: 15 SIMPLE WAYS TO SPEAK WELL IN PUBLIC

Click this link and get your copy now for only N800

As a thank you for buying my book, i will send you my free audio course on how to speak well in public after you buy the book.





I had the honor to be featured in @partsunknowncnn a CNN program by the great @anthonybourdain .The feature also included @feladurotoye the father of the speaking industry in Nigeria and my friend @iamsteveharris
From hawking recharge card on the streets to being featured on a CNN program. Thank you JESUS
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”Three million Nigerians enter the job market every year, and only 10% of them are absorbed into the job market.”

”The problem in Nigeria is not only unemployment, the bigger problem is that most Nigerian youths are unemployable”

As a part of my job i recruit for my clients to help them get qualified staff to fill their vacancies and i began to observe a pattern among Nigerian young graduates who come in for job interviews. Some of them come in unprepared and wonder why they didn’t get employed at the least or at the most the blame spiritual ‘village’ powers for their failure to clinch the job.

A job interview is what i call level one success. This is because for you to be invited for a job interview it means that they didn’t invite other people. That means that there is something about you that the company found interesting and the job interview is an opportunity for them to prob further.

So, here are my 6 tips for nailing a job interview:

  • LOOK PROFESSIONAL: People see you and make judgements about you the moment they see you, even before your mouth gets the opportunity to defend you. I have seen men come for job interviews (with other contenders) dressed up like losers. Some men go to job interviews without a tie, a jacket, and their confidence. Here’s what to wear                                    1. Wear a blue or white shirt with a tie (no bow ties please)                                                              2. Groom yourself. No long nails for men please! Get a clean hair cut and shave                          your beard properly.
  • ARTICULATE YOUR ACHIEVEMENTS: When you are asked in the job interview ”Tell us about yourself” That is not the time for you to talk about the things that are already in your resume. The ”Tell us a bit about yourself?” Means a small and clear description of your values, past achievements, and future goals that aligns with the companies goals.
  • RESEARCH THE COMPANY BEFORE THE INTERVIEW: Go online and read up about the past, current and future of the company so that you find where your unique abilities can best help the company succeed.
  • BODY LANGUAGE: Your body speaks 58% of your communication and the audience or in this case your interviewer can pick from your body language who you truly are. So, don’t slouch, don’t put your hands in your pocket, don’t bend your neck to the ground, and please don’t pick your nose or scratch your head, make eye contact, smile,  don’t stroke your hair (Ladies) and give a firm hand shake.
  • DON’T BAD MOUTH YOUR FORMER EMPLOYER: Your former employer might not be perfect, but her or she helped in putting food on your table.
  • DON’T LIE ABOUT YOUR PAST SALARIES: Through BVN and pay slip printouts you will be caught.
  • GIVE A SALARY RANGE: When they say ”How much do you want to be paid?” Never say any thing? Give a range N100,000 to N200,000 And tell them the insane value you’re willing to add to justify the salary.
  • ALWAYS ASK THEM QUESTIONS: When they ask you, ”Do you have any questions for us?” Tell them ”Yes, based on my research about you ……..” By asking them questions it proves that you did your homework and that you’re determined to get the job.

Happy job interview.