I wonder what will happen to your career if you really know your boss (your internal customer)
I wonder what will happen if you know your external customers well.
It turns out that, top retailers like TARGET and WALLMART have statisticians and analytics people on their pay roll with the sole purpose of studying the buying patterns of shoppers.
They found out that when people enter their stores they usually turn right almost always. That is why they put some of their most expensive and fasting selling items on the right hand side of their stores.
TARGET supermarket has created a computer model that can figure out which female shoppers were pregnant based on their shopping habits.
The noticed that pregnant women buy very large amounts of lotions in about their second trimester.
They also noticed in about their twentieth week pregnant women buy loads of vitamins.
When they see those patterns in any woman, they’ll start sending them coupons and discounts on baby clothes, baby cribs, baby food, etc. And that exploded their sales.
The lesson : KNOW YOUR BOSS, KNOW YOUR EXTERNAL CUSTOMER and you will sell more.

Paul Foh