In 1976 Steven Sasson showed his superiors at Kodak a new device he had invented called the DIGITAL CAMERA they didn’t take him seriously thirty years later Kodak is insolvent.
In business if you don’t disrupt yourself somebody else will do it for you.
Today the digital camera and smart phones have disrupted the film-based business model of Kodak
There is no unassailable ‘moat’ around any business anymore. Look at landline telephone in Nigeria it was disrupted by mobile and now the SMS that mobile companies make money from is being disrupted by direct messaging like facebook DM, Twitter DM and Whatsapp.

Peter Diamandis founder of singularity university put it this way ” Disruption means stop doing it in a way you’ve always been doing it and start doing it in a way that is significantly different am not talking 10% better but 10 times better”

Come up with better and bolder ideas on how to sell your: Self, products, ideas, and services in this super-competitive world.