1.     THE PEOPLE YOU KNOW: These are prospects within your sphere of familiarity they can also be referred to as  your low hanging fruit. They’re your relatives, friends, or colleagues at work. These are the people that will buy from you just to in their words ‘ENCOURAGE YOU’ Even if they don’t need your product. These set of people are very important because they boost your confidence  about your ability to sell your product, you can carry that confidence to the next category of prospects which is…….

2.      THE PEOPLE YOU DON’T KNOW: The people  that don’t know you! This can be very intimidating, because it triggers your emotion of fear and self doubt, thoughts like ‘Am I good enough’’  ‘’Am I smart enough’’ ‘’Will they like me’’  These thoughts pop up because you’re stepping out of your comfort zone or a put differently you’re moving from a place of familiarity to a place of unfamiliarity and that’s hard for your brain to wrap its head around. If you must grow you must step out of your comfort zone, besides you can’t build a sustainable business by selling to only people you currently know. You can’t sit in your office and meet people you don’t know. So, step out of your office, go out to coffee shops, parties, events, and other social functions it is in those situations that you find and connect with the people you don’t know.

3.     THE PEOPLE YOUR FRIENDS KNOW: This category is big! For every customer, friend, or relative that buys anything from you they have the potential to refer you to their own people and usually that sale is usually easier to conclude. Each time you don’t ask for a referral after a completion or close of sale you’re leaving money on the table. The other thing is that by asking for a referral you lodge your name and company in the mind of people so that whenever an opportunity comes their way you’ll get top of mind advantage. You must remember that great results are not wished, they are caused. You must be intentional about your sales process ask satisfied customers for a referral it may not always lead to a sale, but you have disciplined yourself to imbibe a practice into your process.

If your referral leads to a sale, I will humbly suggest that you buy a gift no matter how small to the person who referred you to say thank you. Two things happen when you do that: One it shows that you’re grateful, Two, it will instigate the person to do more for you, because whatever is rewarded gets repeated.

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