In an experiment  done on a bus traveling from Lagos to Port Harcourt, a huge and visible sign was installed with the words, ”MOST PEOPLE IN THIS BUS ARE GOING TO A FUNERAL” And everybody that entered the bus that were sad and  generally quiet.

On a second bus a visible sign was also installed with the words MOST PEOPLE IN THIS BUS ARE GOING TO A BIRTHDAY PARTY. And the bus was lively, everybody was talking loud and happy.

Guess what, THERE WAS NO FUNERAL AND THERE WAS NO BIRTHDAY PARTY! It was just an experiment about how our environment affects our performance.

The experiment or test in a pointer to the fact that we as human beings have a tendency to mimic our environment due to the mimicking neuron in our brains. Think about it! How do children learn? They learn by copying the actions they see in their environment.

By simply saying or indicating that ‘THIS BUS IS IS GOING TO A FUNERAL’ Peoples behavior adjusted to the nature and ethos of their environment.

That means that if you want to be a high performance entrepreneur or person you’ve got to intentionally and deliberately install yourself into environments where the people are playing life and business at a higher level.

Michael Jordan is the greatest Basketballer on earth. Imagine practicing basketball daily with Michael Jordan! What will happen to your game? Your game will rise up to a higher level because you’ll definetly mimic his level of competence.

Imagine spending six months with an entrepreneur in your industry that makes $500,000,000 yearly? Will that change the way to run your life and business profoundly?

How high do you want to play in this game of life? Look for people who are already playing at your ‘dream’ level of life and model them by spending time with them physically or reading their books.


  1. Take them out to lunch or coffee (And pay for the meal) and ask them questions i promise you they’ll be glad to share some of their secrets of success.
  2. Observe them and how they live. What are their positive habits? how do they run their business? what is their morning ritual?

King Solomon said, ”Walk with the wise and become wise, but the companion of fools will be destroyed”