The other day my wife and me were driving to drop off our sons in school  two weeks ago, and i kept my briefcase in the trunk of my SUV with my phone inside so that my sons won’t play or download any games from the internet.

And a few blocks to my children’s school my phone rang, but of cause i couldn’t answer it. When i dropped off my sons and we did our normal high fives and ‘Have a great day’ routine i returned the call.

On the other end of the phone was a lady excited and saying ” Wow are you Paul Foh?” I said ”Yes ma’am” Then she continued ”I just finished watching your youtube videos you are amazing, i’ve got a contract to do training for an oil company can you facilitate for me?”

I went like WOW! This internet thing works. Mark Zukerberg, the Billionaire founder of facebook prophesied  at the F8 conference that by 2020 eighty percent of content will be consumed by video.

Mark said further: ”“Most of the content 10 years ago was text, and then photos, and now it’s quickly becoming videos,” Zuckerberg said at the 2016 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. “I just think that we’re going to be in a world a few years from now where the vast majority of the content that people consume online will be video.

So they flew me into Benin City, paid me my fee, and i spoke with passion at the event without writing a proposal! Glory be to Jesus Christ my Lord and savior.

As a business person, thought leader, coach, and author you cannot ignore video, develop a video strategy for your content and make things happen.