HOW TO AVOID ‘hedonic adaptation’

Its been said that no matter how much you struggle to get something, after sometime you’ll will be bored with it. We easily get used to things, people, and experiences the moment we adapt our time and lives to them.

This is why, a person gets excited and stoked about their job when they first started and after sometime on the job they lose the drive they started with.

Basically HEDONIC ADAPTATION is how humans adapt to things, people, and experiences and they lose the novelty and freshness it once had.

People get married and after some time they get bored with their spouses.


To prevent HEDONIC ADAPTATION from ruining your marriage, job, and relationships here are a few strategies that can help.

  1. INTRODUCE NOVELTY, SURPRISE, AND VARIETY: People like novelty and surprise for instance, instead of taking your: wife, husband or customer to the ‘regular’ restaurant take them to a different restaurant with different exciting things on the menu. What variety, surprise, or variety can you introduce into your relationship this week to prevent HEDONIC ADAPTATION
  2. GRATITUDE JOURNAL:  Journalling is the process of writing down your thoughts and feelings on paper. Gratitude journalling is the processing of daily writing down the things that you are grateful for having in your life. This process is powerful. I do it regularly. It heightens your awareness, deepens your appreciation, and keeps things fresh.  It helps you gain perspective and brings back freshness and deeper appreciation for what you already have; and in the process transcending HEDONIC ADAPTATION.

HEDONIC ADAPTATION causes people to discount all the good things they already have in their lives and focus all their attention on what’s missing and this ruins a lot of relationships and experiences.

If you don’t appreciate your friends and spouses you’ll lose them.

If you don’t appreciate your job and customers you’ll lose them.

So, grab a journal today and write down five things that you’re grateful for and secondly surprise someone today.