The market place is super crowded, fiercely competitive., and intensely infidel. In a water full of sharks, seeking for blood or any sign to weakness to attack your market share. How do you standout in business or work and consistently make money.

Your personal brand is the story or narrative about you that resonates with your primary audience and separates you from your competitors.

The brain doesn’t like to expend a lot of energy, so it looks for short cuts to make judgements. This is why, if you see a man wearing a two button suit and a tie versus a man wearing a baggy jeans with dreadlocks, you’ll automatically equate: honesty, responsibility, work ethic and other positive traits to the suit wearing guy, but for the baggy jeans wearing guy- NOT SO.

This is because the suit wearing guy, educated your subconscious mind to see him the way he wants to be seen, so that your disposition towards him will be favorable and he’ll most likely get what he wants from you.


Having said that, here are some tips on how to build your personal brand

  1. YOUR VALUES: Your values are the FIRST BODY of your brand. Your values are the ‘WHY’ of everything you do, they are the core of your being. What do you stand for? Some popular values are: CONSISTENCY, INNOVATION, DISCIPLINE, STYLE, INTEGRITY, FAMILY, TRAVEL, ADVENTURE, LOVE, PASSION, DESIGN. Apple for example has design as a core value, and you see that manifest in the beauty of their products. What are your core values? Why are they important to you?
  2. IMAGE: Your image is the SECOND BODY of your personal brand. Your image is a physical and tangible representation of your values and beliefs which are the intangibles that drive and determine the physical expression of your image. You might not be conscious of it but from the way your dress, to where you live, to the car you drive and everything in between are a physical expression of your brand values and beliefs..                                         The challenge is that a lot of people spend more time on their image or how people will see them and that dis-aligns them from their core values- WHICH IS THEIR ESSENCE. This is why a lot of people are not congruent or integrated. Have you ever met someone you’ve been following on social media in real life, only to discover that their image does not match who they are! BE AUTHENTIC, BE REAL.
  3. PRODUCT OR SERVICE: Your product or what you produce is the THIRD BODY of your personal brand. Are your products and services a reflection of your values and image? For example, if one of your core values is excellence then your products and services must be a reflection of that.
  4. CONSISTENCY: The strength of a personal brand is its ability to deliver value and experiences to the marketplace consistently. If you stand for innovation, then you must deliver innovative products and services consistently so that people equate your brand in their mind space to innovation. In 2017 be consistent with your words and actions that is how you build a positive perception about yourself in the mind of your target audience or primary audience like you boss, wife, husband, kids, employees, etc.
  5. PUBLISH YOUR BRAND: Your brand is a solution to problems. What good is a solution when nobody knows about you. Today there different channels through which you can publish yourself there is: blogging, youtube, facebook, twitter, snapchat, instagram, etc. The people you can reach with your channels the more impact you will make.