With a new year comes new choices and new decisions and one of the decisions that a lot of people make is the decision to change jobs or get a job.
To help you nail that next interview I’ve put together some tips on how to dress for an interview, because I recruit for my clients and I’ve seen people lose opportunities for good paying jobs because of how they were dressed or how the came across. SO LET THE TIPS BEGIN (Sorry ladies these tips are only for men and the women who love them. Also these tips are for corporate jobs)

1. NO COLORED SOCKS: Yes I know men now wear red, pink, yellow socks now, but in a job interview that is not a professional route to follow WHEN YOU GET THE JOB, THEN YOU CAN UNSHEATHE ALL YOUR COLORED SOCKS.

2. WHITE SHIRT: Hmmmm I’ve seen guys rock pink, red, and green shirt to interviews that’s a NO.NO. Just wear a clean white shirt and no WINCHESTER SHIRTS either (A Winchester shirt is a white collar and white cuffs shirt with a different color on the body)

3. IT’S THE SHOES: Polish your shoes and buy one of those N200 soft shoe shine and keep it in your brief case or car. Still on shoes don’t rock a white, blue, or carton colour brown shoes. To be professional ROCK A BLACK SHOE.

4. FLATTER THEM: To flatter your potential employers, you can rock a tie color that is the color of their brand on your white shirt.

5. DON’T SLOUCH WHEN YOU SIT: Google images of world leaders and model how they sit.

6. ACCESSORIES Guys no chains, no lapel pins and if you must wear a pocket square let it be preferably white and the fold must be THE STRAIGHT FOLD just like DON DRAPPER rocks it on the show MADMAN.

7. SUIT UP: Wear a nice fitted suit same color up and down no blazer and professional colors to roll with are: Navy blue, black and grey.

Don’t just be a functional and cultural fit for the company be AN EXPERIENCE for when you open your mouth you tell the world who and whose you are.