Mental health is a big problem in Nigeria. A lot of people are depressed but because our society scorns at people with mental health we hide our pain. And subsequently people express their depression through: alcoholism, excessive sex, gambling, pornography, shopping, over eating etc.

A depressed person will not function optimally at work and life. A depressed person will not sustain quality relationships, a depressed person is prone to thoughts of suicide.

According to Wikipedia depression is a state of low mood and aversion to activity that affects a persons thoughts, feelings, and behavior. Depression produces feelings of hopelessness, emptiness, worthlessness, guilt, helplessness.. NOTHING IS WRONG WITH YOU IF YOU’RE DEPRESSED. Depression is a state or mood that can be changed! The question is how? Here they are

  1. PRACTICE GRATITUDE: Gratitude is the activity that focuses the mind on what is working well in a persons life and on what the person currently has. When your think and count your blessings your’ll internally start feeling good about yourself, The reason is because as you focus on what you’re grateful to God for your body immediately releases serotonin a chemical in your body that makes you feel good. In fact, the number one selling antidepressant drug in America is PROZAC and it contains Serotonin but of cause with side effects. But your body (the number one pharmacy) releases it free of charge.
  2. EXCERCISE: I love to exercise. I run practically everyday. When you exercise your mood changes from low to GREAT because the feel good chemical endorphin has been released into your blood stream. ”No one finished a workout and said it was a bad idea” Move your body and you will feel good about yourself, your mood will be fired up, and you’ll become a contagious energy of positivity to those around you.
  3. WATCH WHAT YOU EAT: Somethings you eat actually sedate you and put you in a low mood. I eat a salad almost every night now before i sleep, because it is natural it boosts my energy level. Reduce the processed food you consume and eat a lot natural food.
  4. DO SOMETHING KIND FOR SOMEONE ELSE The truth is that, depression and low mood is a focus on yourself and that triggers a chain of negative self talk. By doing something kind for other people and seeing them light up because of your act of kindness can really snap you out of low mood state.
  5. BODY LANGUAGE: Do you know that your body and mind have a very cordial communication relationship? Whatever the body is doing the mind interprets and vice versa, if that is true then you can deceive your mind by your body language. There is a way people in a low mood behave and move their bodies, and there is a way happy and confident people use their bodies. The next time you’re in a bad mood, stand up and start behaving like a happy person and your mind will get the the memo.
  6. SINGING, WORSHIPPING, AND PRAISING GOD: Depression can be a negative spirit sometimes and the Scriptures say that wherever the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty or freedom.
  7. HAVE A PERSON, FRIEND, BOOK, OR VIDEO: There are certain people whose energy level can lift you up like an OTIS LIFT and when they come around us we just feel good.
  8. STOP COMPARING YOURSELF TO OTHER PEOPLE: One of the triggers of low mood is when you compare your life with that of your friends on who are uploading pictures of themselves on social media. Stay in your lane, but dream big.