Humans want to be lead. We gravitate towards people who are clear about their objective like a moth to a flame. This is the reason why an educated man or woman with a bright future will work for a small company with mission that is well articulated.

To grow and expand you must instal certain leadership capacities into your being. John Maxwell the international bestselling author said, ”LEADERSHIP IS INFLUENCE, NOTHING MORE AND NOTHING LESS.” Your ability to influence yourself and other people is move in a direction you have chosen makes you a very powerful person.

This also means that as a leader if your team or company fails, its your fault,and if it succeeds it is also your fault. Everything rises and falls on leadership, here are a few ideas that can make you a better leader.

1. BE CRYSTAL CLEAR ABOUT YOUR VISION: Clarity is important, because the clearer you are about what you want to achieve the faster the execution.

ACTION POINT: What is your 2017 vision? What will you see, hear, and feel when you’ve achieved it?

2.COMMUNICATE COMMUNICATE COMMUNICATE: Your vision takes residence in your mind. For it to move from your head, into the heads and minds of your staff or team members you must open your mouth to communicate it consistently and daily. This is the only way people will get it. The second part of communication is your behavior, sometimes shut your mouth and let your action do the talking.

ACTION POINT: Speak your vision at least twice a day consistently, this is because repetition is the key conviction and adherence.

3.GROW YOURSELF: Your team or organization will to the level that you grow. Growth must be habitual and consistent. To grow as a leader you must: read books, attend events, get a personal coach (I’ll be glad to coach you). One idea from a book can radically transform your life.

ACTION POINT: Head straight to a bookstore now and buy a book concerning what you want to create or click on the courses page of and buy my course on HOW TO SPEAK WELL IN PUBLIC AND SELL ANYTHING

4.BUILD A TEAM OF AMBITIOUS gods: Your team members are the interpreters of your dream. Without a team your achievements will be subsistent. As a leader you’ll attract people that are like you into your team. So, if you’re lazy you’ll attract lazy team members the idea is whatever trait you want in a team member – BE THAT

ACTION POINT: Recruit team members now!

5. ASK GREAT QUESTIONS: To be a great leader you must ask master the art of asking amazing questions that will make your team think and produce cool results. ASK THE HARD QUESTIONS, ASK THE INNOVATION QUESTION, ASK THE UNCOMFORTABLE QUESTION.

ACTION POINT: Ask: ‘How can do better’ ‘How can we do it faster and cheaper’ ‘What steps can we eliminate or add to this process” ‘Why did we fail’ ‘Why did we succeed’