Your customers are have choices. Loads of choices i must add. To stay relevant and make them buy from you and refer their friends to you consistently, you must intentionally and creatively put your name on their consciousness.

Have you heard the saying that ”OUT OF SIGHT IS OUT OF MIND” It is really true. If you stay away from the mind of your customers for a long time, they’ll probably not remember you whenever they want to buy your kind of product or service, the truth is that if you’re not reminding them of your existence, somebody else is and they’ll eat your market and mind share.

To solve this problem here are a few strategies

  1. CALL AND TEXT: Call or text your customers at least every sixty days to see how their doing or to congratulate them on a: promotion, new baby, wedding, anniversary etc. That way your name and company stays fresh in their minds. This is important because whenever they are having discussions with their friends who have a need for your product or service your name will be top on their minds.
  2. WEEKLY EMAIL UPDATE: I send out email every week to my email list once a week. You can do it. With a weekly email routine you’ll be able to inform them about your new product offering, discounts, specials, and new projects.
  3. SEND THEM VIDEO OR WRITTEN TESTIMONIALS OF SATISFIED CUSTOMERS: A testimonial is a satisfied customer who chooses to talk about the difference using your product or service has made in their lives and business. That reinforces your customers trust and belief in you.
  4. USE SOCIAL MEDIA: For example use Facebook live to educate your customers on whats going on. When your customers regularly see your positive activities on social media you’ll always get the business.