Ever heard the saying ‘’The rich get richer, and the poor get poorer?’’ Well there are some spiritual and social-scientific truth to that idea.

A sociologist Robert K. Merton coined the term ‘THE MATTHEW EFFECT’’ When he observed that prominent scientist often get more credit than a comparatively unknown researcher, even if their work were similar. It also meant that credit will usually be given to researchers who were already famous.

This concept is not new, it was inspired by the biblical parable of the talent beautifully told by Jesus Christ in the gospel of Matthew 25:29  i quote, ‘’WHOEVER HAS WILL BE GIVEN MORE , AND THEY WILL HAVE AN ABUNDANCE.’’


They say that perception is reality. When a person is perceived to be the leader in an industry, that person of company tend to attract most of the juicy, elaborate, and big jobs or opportunities in their industry.

Look at the COMPERE or Master of Ceremony industry in Nigeria, Ebuka and IK  Osakioduwa better known as IK  are perceived to be the biggest MCs in Nigeria so the big jobs like BIG BROTHER NIGERIA  2017 went to Ebuka and the MRS NIGERIA PAGEANT  job went to IK in 2017.

Look at the comedy industry all the big jobs in that space go to ALIBABA (Who is the father of the industry), BOVI, AND BASKETMOUTH.  


With social media, hard work, and creativity it has become extremely easier now to position yourself in the mental playground of your industry as an expert in a niche or subject matter.


  1. Pick a Niche, industry, or subject that you can win at.
  2. Position yourself as an expert, by giving out great content (through video, blog post, podcast, tweets, snapchats) RELENTLESSLY AND CONSISTENTLY every week. Look, if you think if your post once or twice a month or is going to make you known then you’re  carelessly wrong. Look at what guys like FALZ THE BAHD GUY has done with Instagram!
  3. Call yourself an expert, until you believe it and when you do the marketplace will.
  4. Speak at events my book ROCK THE STAGE: 15 SIMPLE WAYS TO SPEAK WELL IN PUBLIC at N800 will help you get a standing ovation every time you speak. Just click this link to buy it
  5. Get press from local newspapers, radio, or TV shows.
  6. Dress like an expert.
  7. Network and attend events
  8. Get awards and recognition for your expertise
  9. Write guest articles
  10. Read massively on your niche or subject matter as at this writing and month December 26, 2017  i have read four business books already.

In conclusion, use the ‘MATTHEW EFFECT’ To your advantage and reap the rewards.


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