”IT’S NOT WHAT YOU SAY, BUT HOW YOU SAY IT” by Michael Parker- Book Review

I have a confession to make! I AM ADDICTED TO BOOKS.

I try to read a lot because i believe that books can inspire greatness in a person and widen a persons perception of what is possible. Well, last month i read a super cool book called ‘IT’S NOT WHAT YOU SAY, BUT HOW YOU SAY IT’ By Michael Parker he is the UK number one pitch coach his website is www.pitchcoach.co.uk

Here are some of the things i learnt from the book

  1. The impact of your words on an audience comes mainly from the tone of your voice and your body language.
  2. When CICERO, Roman politician and orator, finished speaking the people said ”How well he spoke” But when DEMOSTHENES finished speaking the people said ”Lets’s march” The most important part of your speech is the close this is where you call people to action. Whenever you give a speech learn to close with passion and a call to action.
  3. Energy: The audience will feed off your energy and return it back to you. Without energy your speech will be boring.
  4. Fail to rehearse your speech, prepare to fail.
  5. Aristotle’s three proofs of persuasion:

A. ETHOS: This is about the character of the speaker or presenter, write your own                         introduction about what you’ve accomplished because your introduction primes                     and prepares people to pay attention to you.

B. LOGOS: This is based on reason or rational argument

c. PATHOS: This has to do with emotions, appearance, and body language. People are                 emotional beings. In your speech, never forget the emotional dimension because                   people do things emotionally, then justify them logically. Move them emotionally                 and they’ll act on the content of your speech.