do you believe in serendipity? I DO! Serendipity is the act of finding something valuable when you’re not looking for it. For you to find your ‘SOMETHING’ when you’re not looking for it, you must have PLANTED IT into your mind as a thought repeated constantly.

A while back i desired a cool floor lamp for my living room (My love for design and beautiful things is another matter) So i got pictures of the floor lamp i wanted and stared at it as often as i could.

Then I was invited in July 7, 2017  to speak at the FEDx SME 1,000 conference on my favorite subject- SALES AND MARKETING. When i was through, they gave me my cheque and as my staff was packing my stuff to the car they said ”Ha, Mr. Foh we get one small package for you oh” They gave me a small carton and i said thanks.

When i got home that night, i unpacked it with the help of my sons and BOOM! Enclosed was the floor lamp that i had been envisioning (That is the floor lamp sitting in my living room in this blogpost)  SERENDIPITY! LAW OF ATTRACTION! Call it whatever.

The lesson here is be careful what you desire, for you can really attract into your life and reality what you constantly dream of.