Your mornings set the tone for the rest of your day. If you start your mornings intentionally, you’ll be more productive and effective for the rest of the day. So here are some things that i do i can have a kick-ass day.

  1. Wake up before 6am
  2. Pray
  3.  Meditation: I use a fantastic app called HEADSPACE for my meditation, it’s really cool it calms you down.
  4. Visualization: Visualization is basically a mental rehearsal of the kind of life you want to live and what you visualize with intensity tend to manifest in life.
  5.  Coffee: I like coffee, so i make myself a cup of coffee from my coffee machine, preferably a latte.
  6. Gratitude journal or session: At this point you can write down the things that you’re grateful to God for. This moves your attention upon things that are already working in your life and shows you how faithful God has been to you. It always clears your energy channel and cause you to start attracting more things to be grateful for.
  7.  Study: I read two chapters of the bible at least
  8. Words: I speak words of success, health, and life into my wife and children while they are asleep. At this point i also read my goals to myself.
  9. Exercise: I do some form of workout to ramp up my energy level and release endorphins the chemical that make humans feel good.
  10. Pray with my family and drop my children off in school (If i don’t have an early morning training and if am not out of Lagos speaking and training)

Please leave a comment and share how you start your day.

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