chess-691437_12801.    To double your income, triple your learning appetite

2.  Make your family a priority.

3. Exercise daily, it releases endorphins the feel good chemical into your blood stream.

4.  Meeting expectations is a commodity now- EXCEED EXPECTATIONS.

5.   Surround yourself with beautiful things: art work, furniture, magazine, clothes etc and their essence will begin to affect your work and results.

6.   Dreaming is as cheap as table salt; execution is what separates the dreamers from the doers.

7. Protect your mind from negative thoughts, for your results will mirror the size of your thoughts.

8.   Develop quality relationships. Quality relationships equals quality living.

9.  Prayer is telling God that you have no power of your own. Pray consistently, pray always.

10. Give your life to Christ, become a Jesus follower.

11.  Give to the poor and needy around you.

12. Always dress the part, people and opportunities will address you based on how you are dressed.

13. Words have creative powers. Spend time daily affirming your future and you will have whatever you say.

14.  Have daily appreciation sessions with God. Thank Him for His faithfulness in your life.

15. Give 10% of your income and watch success come after you.

16.Call your parents and show them love.

17.Read, read, read. Readers accelerate their progress.

18.Use technology to push your ideas, products, services, and point of view.

19. Spend time alone.

20 Write down your goals and review them daily.