There is strength in numbers. The local slang, ‘Oh boy! The more the merry’’ Has some truth in it.

The law of Large numbers states that, the  larger the sample population (or the number of observations) used in a test, the more accurate the predictions of the behaviour of that sample.

So lets say i know that the average man in Lagos city is 5 feet, 10 inches tall then i am more likely to find an average 5 feet, 10 inch tall man by selecting 700 men than selecting 10 men.

This law, though a product of probability has a lot of implication in our lives and businesses.

For example if your sales target is 100 Customers who will pay N5,000(which translates to N500,000) for your product you will have to email, text, DM, whatsapp and  personally speak to 1,000 potential customers to activate the law of large numbers to your favor.

Stop wasting time on activities during your day that won’t move you in the vector of your 1,000 prospects, this is important because your money, dreams, and increase are in the hands of your customers.

If you are single and you want to get married, you can also activate the law of large numbers in your favor by exposing or deliberately putting yourself in events and functions where a lot of good single people can lay their eyes on your smashing body and amazing personality.

One of the tools to activate the law of large numbers is to learn how to speak well in public. For when you speak in public a lot of people get to hear you and thereby some of them will be converted into paying customers of your goods and services. You can get a copy of my book ROCK THE STAGE: 15 SIMPLE WAYS TO SPEAK WELL IN PUBLIC, grab your copy  by clicking on the link below


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