I did a PERSONAL EFFECTIVENESS TRAINING for the Bayelsa State Judiciary four years ago. In the opening address of the chief judge of the state Her Lordship Kate Abiri, she said ”I HAVE NEVER SEEN A YOUNG MAN AS PERSISTENT AS PAUL FOH. HE FOLLOWED ME UP CONSISTENTLY FOR 1 YEAR BEFORE I CREATED TIME FOR THIS TRAINING”

A lot of small business owners, professionals, and people in general miss loads of opportunities due to a lack of consistent focused follow up. Sometimes the company that gets the job, is usually not better than you, they were just more committed in following up than you. To inspire you to take follow up seriously here are a few how-to steps


  1. Schedule your appointment with your client in your calendar
  2. Document the day and time of your follow up call or email on your journal or Evernote a very effective app for productivity
  3. Put an alarm reminder on your phone 72 or 24 hours before your next follow up call or email to your client.


  1. FOLLOW UP is indicative to the client that you want the business or the opportunity badly enough, as Steve Maraboli said ”Your actions should be so dedicated that no one should ask you what you want.”
  2. FOLLOW UP inspires people to conspire to make your desires come true, i believe strongly that if you want something badly enough, people will make space for you.
  3. FOLLOW UP is a good feedback mechanism that helps you know what’s working and what’s not working.

Go and follow up on those clients and create wealth.