In January 2017, a McKinsey & Company study found that about 30% of tasks in 60% of occupations could be computerized. Last year, the Bank of England’s chief economist said that 80m US and 15m UK jobs might be taken over by robots.

The picture you see is a car factory powered by only ROBOTS instead of people.

The least safe jobs are now jobs such as Telemarketers, Loan officer, Cashier, Paralegal and Legal assistant, Taxi driver, Fast food cook etc.

The safest jobs are jobs such as Mental health and Substance abuse Social workers, Occupational Therapist, Dietitian and Nutritionist, Physician  and Surgeons, Clergy etc.

The difference between them is that while the least safe jobs are purely “technical”, the safe jobs are “skilled and knowledge” based.

Una ey hear me so!!! Make una dey read o. THE MACHINES ARE COMING FOR OUR JOBS.

The robots are coming for us, don’t stop learning to up skill yourself.