We live in a very beautiful world. And i say that will love and respect in my soul, but as beautiful and abundant this world of ours is,  throbbing with opportunities and pain  it is also a very distraction prone universe.

And if you allow the demons of distraction sway you from your moon shot, dream, or objectives you’ll never touch and change the world like your truly should.

Remember my friend, you don’t have all day to make your dreams happen. One day your time on this earth will be over- WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO HOMIE? I think it was Robin Sharma that said, ”You can’t chase two rabbits and catch any” FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS. So here are a few strategies that can help you ELIMINATE OR REDUCE distraction and get great work done.

  1. GET YOUR MOST IMPORTANT WORK DONE IN THE MORNING, BEFORE YOUR REACTIVE WORK: What are your key result areas? Those areas that must be done and dusted or else every other thing will fall apart. Do those things before you start your reactive work of answering emails, Facebook notifications, and phone calls.
  2.  FIND OR DESIGN YOUR OWN MENLO PARK: Menlo Park was the place where, the great inventor of the electric light system and the phonograph, Thomas Edison and his team used to go and create amazing work away from the distractions of the day. My Menlo Park has a white board where i do strategy sessions with myself, my Menlo Park has great Rwandan Coffee, my Menlo Park has creative things that inspire me to create, write, and do amazing work. What i am humbly suggesting to you with great love and admiration is for you to create a space where you’re inspired to work and output amazing work into the world. It can be a corner in your house, it can be your balcony by 4am in the morning, i don’t care just create a space that triggers your creativity.
  3. BLOCK OUT TIME TO WORK AND LET THE PEOPLE AROUND YOU KNOW THAT: Let people around you know that for example if they call or text you between 8am to 10am they will not get a response from you. Be aggressively protective of your deep work time
  4. HAVE A DAILY ROUTINE: Your routine or daily rituals as i like to call it, sets the tone for your day. My daily routine includes: meditation, reading my goals out loud, reading three chapters of the bible, prayers, and excercise. When i successfully do that, it gets me into an unstoppable frame of mind. Whats yours? Develop a daily ritual that suits you
  5. HAVE A SIMPLE TO DO LIST: Your to do list are basically your priorities for that day.


  1. Wow! This is awesome sir, thank you for sharing. God bless and continually prosper His works in your hands sir

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