”People say money won’t make you happy, but everybody want to find out for themselves.” Zig Ziglar

Money is critically important in this world that we live in, it is an expression or a measure of the value that we are adding in this world. Wealth i believe must start first in our consciousness. For if a man does not have money within, he cannot sustainably have it without.

Your current level of money is a reflection of the current state of your mind. If you’re dissatisfied with the money in your experience, begin the change by changing your predominant subconscious programing about money. So here are my 7 WAYS TO ATTRACT MONEY or MORE MONEY INTO YOUR LIFE IN 2017

  1. BELIEVE AND KNOW THAT WE LIVE IN AN VASTLY ABUNDANT WORLD:  There are trillions of dollars in circulation in this world. I want you to eliminate from your mind the idea of scarcity, that one person has money does not prevent another person from having money. God is super abundant, please believe that of the avalanche of abundance in this material universe some of them belong to you. The question is, in a world of over 7 billion people why is it that, there are only 1,810 Billionaires in this world according to Forbes magazine (A magazine that does the annually ‘Richest’ People in the world rating)  Join the abundance team. There is abundance of ideas, abundance of love, abundance of success. If you believe it, it will show up for you. BE ABUNDANCE CONSCIOUS AND STARVE EVERY THOUGHT OF SCARCITY TO DEATH.

EXECUTION STEP: Inform your mind about the abundance in this world, by driving or walking to a richer neighbourhood and see big and fine houses, observe the fancy cars, visit 5 or 7 star hotels and observe the rich people that stay there. Notice abundance

2. ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY: Money is attracted to people who accept responsibility for their lives. Don’t go around blaming: people, the weather, the economy, your wife, your children, your lover, your lack of education, etc for why you’re not creating wealth. Blaming other people and things for why you’re not progressing will not make you successful. To change anything in your life, you must realize that if it must be, it is up to you. If you have lack in your life, accept responsibility for it and find a creative solution to your lack of money.

EXECUTION STEP:  Next time the temptation to blame a person or situation for why you don’t have money resist it and focus your mind on the solution and not the problem.

   3. DECLARE YOUR ABUNDANCE: Words have power. You become the predominant conversation you have with yourself. Your words can create any reality you choose. You can speak things into physical existence and you can also destroy things with your words. Be careful about what you affirm with your words, because King Solomon of the bible said, ”LIFE AND DEATH ARE IN THE POWER OF THE TONGUE” Never say words like ” I am broke”  ”I am sick” The creative power of God is on the inside of you, use it to create the abundance of wealth and success you wish to see in your world.

EXECUTION STEP: Design your own affirmations and say them daily “I am rich” ”I have abundance” ”I am loved” This will start shifting things in the universe for you.

 4. SOLVE PROBLEMS, PROVIDE SOLUTIONS: The level of value you create in this world is what will determine the level of wealth you’ll control. You attract money into your life by solving problems for a fee. So, instead of thinking ‘How can i make money’ why don’t you think ‘Whose problem can i solve, with the skills and resources i have” Think about it, Doctors solve health problems, lawyers solve legal problems.

EXECUTION STEP: Find a problem that you can solve for a fee and start working on it.

5. BUILD RELATIONSHIPS: Its being popularly said that your network determines your networth. Who do you know? Who knows you. Be intentional about building new relationships with quality people that stretch and inspire you. Maintain your old and current relationships that lift you up.

EXECUTION STEP: Join professional associations, join a group in your Church, or become more friendly for he who wants friends must make himself friendly

   6.TAKE MASSIVE ACTION.: When you have a business idea execute on it immediately money loves speed. Procrastination is a killer bullet, act on your ideas now. I tell people all the time ”Do something everyday, no matter how small that can move you closer to your dreams”

   EXECUTION STEP: Send that proposal, call that client, ask for the business, produce that product. DO IT NOW

 7. GIVE: Want to attract money into your life? GIVE IT AWAY. Whatever you give must by law return back to you in a bigger way. We live in a consequential universe, what you give is what you’ll receive.

EXECUTION STEP: Give God 10% of your income as tithe, give to charity, give to the poor, support the dreams of other people financially.



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