Humans are not static. We’re constantly moving up or down.  Have you noticed that the older people get: the less energy they have, the less sex they have, etc.
People slip without knowing that’s essentially what am trying to say.  Am sure you’ve heard the story of the frog that was put in room temperature water in a kettle and placed on a cooker.
They increased the temperature gradually until the frog died, for the frog was not cognizant of the gradual ‘slip’ OR INCREASE.
This is how we are as humans are, we gradually slip into: over weight, debt, bad health, bad relationships, etc. To solve the problem of ‘SLIPPING’ I use a system in my life called SET POINTS.
A set point is a bare minimum point established or created by your self that you will not go below.
For example my health ‘SET POINT’ Is 30 sit ups every day, I do thirty sit ups daily no matter what, so if I miss a day immediately embark on a set point correct action.
You can set a financial set point that ensures that you must have XYZ amount of money in your account no matter what.
Set points make life more predictable and make you establish self-discipline a vital ingredient to success.
So go ahead and establish set points for your