A merry heart doth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones.

Will you please stop worrying and complaining? yes you, the very one reading this post.

I bet you feel good, ecstatic, and perhaps will even flash a wide grin when someone says – “thank you very much” or “i am grateful” and if given the same scenario you’d shower the same level of kindness right back at them.

This is simple; whatever we reward gets repeated.

I have come to learn that as humans, whatever we focus on expands and when we focus on being grateful for the things we have, we would automatically have more things to be thankful for.

The ritual of gratitude dramatically shifts your focus and energy from what you seemingly don’t have to what you do have. And when the joy, happiness, and a sense of “it-ain’t-that-bad” starts brewing in the depths of your soul, you will discover your sad, depressed and unhappy state evaporate as steam.

Dr. John Maxwell once said – when there’s hope in the future, it gives you power in the present.

Now it gets better, if you imbibe a culture of gratitude, interleukin-2 and interferon are biochemicals, released into your bloodstream; two powerful combatants against kidney cancer.

Enough with the benefits of being grateful, here’s how you can start. You will need two things – arduous commitment and a journal (note-book, note-pad etc).

This is what you do; every morning you wake up, i want you to write 5 things that you are grateful for and a simple reason each for why you are grateful.

This my friends are the first steps to living a very happy life.

An excerpt from my book CREATING YOUR TOMORROW.