Virtual  MEETINGS is our new normal.
Like everything new, there are learning curves to master. Some people are terrible on zoom calls, Instagram live, WhatsApp video, and every other thing we have out there.
When you’re doing a virtual video sales call or presentation your clients are making snap judgments about you, your competence, and your integrity level.
You must therefore ensure that there is congruence in all that you do, here’s MY 7 zoom/ virtual meeting checklist you must have to have a great zoom meeting, close sales, and make a good impression

  1. BATTERY: Make sure your phone, laptop, power bank, and camera are fully charged. You don’t want your battery to lose strength on you in the middle of your presentation
  2. AUDIO: Test your phonemic, nothing is as annoying as a squeaky sound when you’re making a presentation. Test your earphones to ensure that they’re properly connected to your phone or laptop
  3. BACKGROUND: Stop showing us the background of an unkempt house, dirty curtains, and bright windows with the sun shining through. Arrange your background very well
  4. CLEAN YOUR CAMERA LENS: If you clean the camera lens in your phone the images and videos look better
  5. USE THE TOILET PLEASE: Ensure that you have emptied your bladder before the virtual meeting
  6. GET SET: Keep your pen, water, tea, or coffee handy
  7. DRESS WELL: Look clean and decent


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